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After over a year of planning, months of strategizing and weeks of filming, TWO editing courses were actually created The Lightroom Editing Course & The Editing Workflow Course ARE NOW LIVE…for you! PLUS, they are both discounted for a short time through Tuesday, April 16 at midnight CST! I knew when I launched The Capture Course, that […]

As many of you know, I’m 37+ weeks pregnant and due…any minute now! But I JUST finished up my photography season before my maternity leave, and I reeeeally wanted to make sure I turned around these sessions FAST. I wanted to have time to REST afterward while we wait to meet our baby girl. And […]

Insert: college senior Lindsay. Insert college senior Lindsay who REALLY wanted to learn how to use her camera. *Take note: “college senior”. Easily translated to: low on cash. 😉 When I got the photography bug and decided I NEEDED (like HAD TO) learn how to use my camera, because I LOVED it so much, I […]

You guys. I know I’ve been sprinkling little teasers for you these past couple of weeks, but I am seriously just so giddy about what I have to offer you. And I’m giddy, because I BELIEVE that it’s amazing. (although, it literally seems like it’s too good to be true, but it’s NOT!!) The Capture […]

I’m staring at my blinking cursor just thinking, “do I even have the words to explain exactly how I’m feeling right now?” BAHHH!!!!!&*$$%#*#&** This brand reveal + website launch is BIG. It’s not just big to me, but it was a big undertaking. It took big planning. It took big prayers. And it took not […]

We have a similar yet different story for how our photography business started. We were both in school—me for graduate speech pathology school and Jordan for his second degree in nursing. It’s not like we had money laying around or anything. However, I will say because I am grateful: all four of our degrees were […]

When I first dabbled in photography as more of a hobby than career, I had no idea how it could really be used. Before then, I had only seen photography through the lens of creative and relaxing versus lucrative and useful. But as I began taking sessions for pay, receiving inquiries for various needs and […]

Hey, there! You must be sitting there wondering either 1) what kind of camera you have or 2) what kind you should get. I’m going to share with you the differences between a crop sensor and full frame camera and hopefully, answer the question you need answered. It can handle low-light situations with it’s ISO […]

Emily Ley’s A Simplified Life Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner Cultivate What Matters’ Power Sheets Cultivate What Matters’ Write the World Journals Guys, 2018 was one of my best years for many reasons— One of them being: it felt more simple. And that allowed for so many more purposeful things in my life. I said, “yes”, […]

So I know which camera to buy, but what lenses do you suggest for what I want to photograph? Okay YES! If you are still on the fence about what camera to buy, read this post here! Guys, if I had someone experienced at my side when I was purchasing lenses, it would’ve saved me […]

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