So you want that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling? 

I got you, mama. As a natural-born feeler and extrovert, I gravitate toward cozy and authentic like a new mom to her morning coffee. 

Pictures have always been my love language. 

I find joy in taking them, finding frames for them (Home Goods loves me), and finding creative spaces around our home to place them (think next to coffee pot, kitchen sink or nightstands). 

Special people, special moments frozen in time—these are powerful, girl! 

I’m Lindsay—a mama of two, 91% extrovert and lover of *warm and fuzzies*. I fell in love with photography when I was in graduate school for speech-language pathology, and I went full-time as a photographer in 2016. By 2017, I had created The Capture Course, because I had to make sure that anybody who had the desire to learn photography--has easy, simple access! Fast forward to 2021, and I’m all but *screaming* at you people: photography is a gift in so many ways! 

You guessed it. I’ve transitioned from the “girl with the camera” to the “mama with the frames”. My experience started out with a Kodak disposable camera, developed as I shot in “auto” all through college and blossomed as I graduated college and learned how to actually use that challenging thing! 

I’m as passionate about encouraging other moms to capture their families as much as I am cheering them on to have them printed. 

They can make the morning after a long night feel much lighter. 
They can create a random smile as you’re washing the dishes. 
They can speak volumes to generations flipping through photo boxes. 

My nespresso coffee with vanilla creamer (heavy on the creamer please)

Aerie loungewear, Madewell jeans and Lulu leggings. A mom can’t need much else, amiright?

Lavender – in a candle, in a latte, in my lotion – in everything please. 

Bean & cheese burritos. “No red sauce or onions please”. Really, just supply #alltheMexicanfood por favor!

Exploring with my FAMILY--seeing the world through THEIR eyes is a true treasure

when i'm not drinking my red blend, my first choice is a margarita (don't forget the salt, por favor!)

Traveling + Adventures. There’s something about doing & seeing something new with the one you love that connects you more intimately. 

a few of my favorites

 Enter CHANGE: Married, graduated college, started my graduate degree in speech pathology and oh—I accidentally fell in love with photography. 


 Moved from NM to TX (“adios” to “howdy, y’all!”) and bought a fixer upper. My wedding photography career started in the Big D.


 Lucas Brent was born! And... I went full-time in photography!


Sweet Aubrey Jean was born, and the seed for newborn/family photography was planted! With two little ones of my own, LDP started shifting...


A few of my quirks: I am...

Silly but serious 
Perfectionist but fast-paced
Girly but #sobasic
I thrive on busyness but idolize rest
Scattered yet organized 
Creative but sometimes I just need Pinterest!

It honestly wasn’t until we bought our second home that my desire for creating beautiful art work of my own family to hang and display took on a deeper meaning. 

I spent months laying out different options, looking at different frames and driving my husband crazy (haha). 

Once I finally made a decision and hung our gallery walls, my heart pumped faster with the realization of my purpose within family photography. 

I know, I know. Planning outfits, finding an open date on the calendar, deciding on frames, prints & design pattern – even learning how to use your own camera – it feels daunting. It’s a lot. 

the heart behind my work

My role in documenting life's sweetest moments is what fuels my tank and pulls my heartstrings. 

But mama, the immediate feeling of gratitude, love and joy that pumped through my veins once we hung our portraits in our bare white walls? 


I have to believe that whether my kids can articulate it or not, having framed prints of their family throughout their home is a constant reminder that they’re loved, safe and accepted. 

Warm and cozy. Inviting and genuine. 

This rowdy, exhausting, beautiful, silly family of yours? They’re a gift, and I 100% will cheer you on as you create lovely spaces for them. 

Because I know how valuable it is! 

are you ready to do this? Let's work together!

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Lindsay Davenport is a newborn and motherhood photographer + educator based in Dallas and available for travel worldwide.

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