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Hi! I’m Lindsay--a total photography nerd, absolute extrovert and lover of love. I accidentally fell in love with photography when I was in graduate school for speech-language pathology (and I LOVE all my SLP brides!). I refuel from meeting and chatting with new people (hence why I LOVE working from a local coffee shop), and I sometimes wonder why I’m such an advocate for working on your marriage when Jordan and I are so imperfect. 

Creamer with a touch of coffee please 

Seeing the former “Energizer Bunny” of my past in my animated son Luke 

Lavender--in a candle, in a latte, in my lotion--in everything please. 

Bean & cheese burritos. “No red sauce or onions please”. Really, just supply #alltheMexicanfood por favor!

Exploring with my boys--seeing the world through Luke’s eyes is a true treasure

Traveling + Adventures. There’s something about doing & seeing something new with the one you love that connects you more intimately. 

a few of my favorites

I shamelessly fell for every Rom-Com ever made and fully sharpened the soft, sentimental side of myself. I mean, I was doomed from the tears that Jungle Book would elicit from me in my little years! I’m just a “major #feeler!” (Jude Law in The Holiday) ;-) 

the 2000's

I met Jordan, the man with whom I’d soon make my own Rom-Com a few years later. My love for #allthefeels blossomed as I easily fell for our love story.


 Enter CHANGE: I married, graduated college, started my graduate degree in speech pathology and oh--I accidentally fell in love with photography. We laughed, traveled, grew and soon realized there was more to marriage than butterflies, giddiness and those “read-your-mind-moments” that the movies make every romance seem to have.


Brace yourselves: we both graduated again, moved from NM to TX (adios to howdy, y’all!), bought a fixer upper that demanded much of our time and soon discovered there was no coincidence with my developing passion for connecting marriage and photographing them. 


 Later, y’all! I left my SLP job to pursue photography full-time and welcomed #ourlucasbrent into the world on 12-14-16! With 2015’s tailwind still very much so apparent in our lives, we floundered, failed and wondered how to do this marriage thing after big transitions--both sweet and hard. 


Praises for direction! We are currently happily pursuing each other, the work that it takes to stay connected and sharing our realization of “work is worth it” to others. But truly! Learning how to connect, extend grace and encourage one another to be our best selves will absolutely affect generations of Davenports to come. We’re simply writing our legacies alongside you and growing our hearts for not only saving legacies worth falling for in photographs but advocating for them too. It’s a power combo that I had to dive deeper into. 


There’s much to be visibly beautiful about each and every wedding day, but in the busyness of the planning, the details and the family, there’s a beautiful new start of a family--a legacy beginning to blossom. 

My heart is to capture the beginning of your marriage in a way that not only reminds you of the tender love you share but in a way that future generations will know this meaningful love as a solid foundation. 

I know and believe that marriage needs not only feelings, but hard work.

I believe that worthwhile legacies bloom from beautiful moments, the messy middle and the memories we hold for a lifetime. 

I love to know that I can help couple’s feel prepared, organized and confident as they enter into one of the best days of their lives--their wedding day. Because, folks, their legacy starts here, and it’s worth falling for.

the heart behind my work

My role in the start of your legacy is what fuels my tank and pulls my heartstrings. 

Thundercats fixie Williamsburg, photo booth synth vinyl dreamcatcher Wes Anderson cliche. You probably haven’t heard of them.

Single-origin coffee coloring book master cleanse tumblr la croix. Edison bulb plaid iPhone, drinking next level distillery literally pug venmo bushwick. 

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Lindsay Davenport is a wedding photographer and industry educator based in Dallas and available for travel worldwide.

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