You know that dream collecting dust in the top of your closet? The one you're afraid to take down because "you don't have time," but really you're afraid you may not measure up? (Oh... too far?)

Whether you're dying to learn how to capture a framer of your growing baby, or itching to grow your side hustle or big dream, I'm here to walk you through it.

I believe that you can move mountains with your camera--and take pretty pictures of them! 

I grew up with a curiosity for photography, but I never allowed myself to explore it. I made it almost all the way through my undergraduate years before I realized that curiosity didn’t stop there: my heart beat faster when I photographed couples in love. I learned that first hand when one of my roommates told another, “just go have Lindsay take your engagement pictures; she has a camera!” My eyes were opened, and the rest is history. 
Now I’m able to take pictures of couples during a season of pure joy—engagement. I’m able to capture an heirloom at their wedding to be framed and passed down to children and grandchildren. I’m able to come alongside others and help them do the same. It’s the dream.

Create your own hours and spend more time with family.  

Capture the everyday-messy-raw-life moments.

Create family heirlooms to tell the story of your legacy.

Capture awe-inspiring scenery from personal travels to remember forever.

Courageously take the leap into your own business, allowing you to do all of the above.

Let me come alongside you in your business and offer the tools, strategy, workflows (and more importantly, confidence) you need to #KILLIT! 
After 5+ years and over 100 weddings, I quickly learned from trial and error, success and failure and I love to sit down and share that knowledge 1:1 with you. Whether you’re a photographer about to shoot your first wedding, or a seasoned professional who wants to refine the process, pour a cup of coffee (extra creamer please), because we have a lot to cover!

In our one-on-one session, I’ll open up my exclusive wedding playbook and brainstorm tweaks that work for you and your unique brand.

We’ll walk step-by-step through the process of finding ideal brides, serving them with heart through their wedding planning, and cultivating relationships that will last a lifetime (a.k.a. #allthereferrals).

We’ll narrow in on the heart of your business and refine areas like: technical aspects, posing, workflows, boundaries, social media, marketing, blogging, client experience, post-processing and more. 

One on one mentoring

for the curious + COMMITted

online intake questionnaire before our session

an outline of customized topics we discuss

video tutorials tailored to your needs

Are you a hands-on-learner with a fancy for being hosted? Then sign up for my next in-home workshop based out of my living room in Richardson, TX! You’ll come with all the questions and leave with the tools to capture photographs you dream of taking and the knowledge to make you feel confident during any photo opp. Let me alleviate the overwhelm, because honey, you are fully capable! What would it look like if you allowed yourself the permission to explore the “what-ifs” of photography and turn them into “what’s next?”

in-home workshops

for the hands-on-learner

The knowledge to feel confident with your camera & Understand Light

A professional headshot

Gain access to the workshop online so you can always refresh

Sometimes our schedules don’t allow for meeting up 1:1 or sitting down to learn over a course. Life is busy, I GET IT. Sometimes pulling the meat out of a simple online e-book is the way to go. Click on over to my shop where you’ll find topics I share like:


actionable education

Email templates from inquiry to gallery delivered

21 tips for planning, executing and rocking mini sessions

18 “look-fors” to take you from rookie to effortless pro

Would you rather snuggle up on the couch, settle under a blanket and watch and rewatch your course work so that you have access to it until it clicks? Then one of my online courses is the shoe that fits. Once you’ve purchased, you’ll have lifetime access to the curriculum and support via email or through an online Facebook community. 
Courses are available to purchase year ‘round and are perfect to surprise loved ones with as a gift. The online route is perfect if you have the time and self-discipline to complete the curriculum. Otherwise, an in-home workshop or 1:1 mentoring may be the better fit. 

Online courses

learn at your own pace

summarized text alongside each video 

additional freebies 

an online community of support 

With your course, you’ll receive: 

This course was created after a number of people asked me if I could teach them how to use their cameras. It brought me back to 2013 when I remembered that very feeling: “someone, anybody, just show me the basics of WHAT I need to know, so I can know HOW to capture memories!” And quick! There were so many opinions out there, but there wasn’t a course that offered to me the tools for the basics of what I needed: to be confident with my camera. In hindsight, I wish I could have sifted through the info to find just the basics. After taking the long road yet finding so much joy, success and fruit from it, I decided to create a course that has the basics of what beginner Lindsay would have needed years ago--a course that will allow you to confidently capture crisp, evenly-exposed photos with your camera so that the world is at your fingertips. 

the capture course

Online for beginner photographers

this course is perfect for you if...

Photographing in manual mode

Nailing tack-sharp images

The difference between lenses

Finding the light

How techy you need to be

what we'll cover

The basics, baby, they’re all you need 

Manual shooting is a MYSTERY to you

You’re afraid to shoot with a real camera, or feel like it’s a HASSLE!

You’re ready to freeze moments in time that will do the memory justice

You want to stop TRYING SO HARD to take photos

You want to fill the walls in your home with sweet memories

You’re ready to finally learn this thing in one sitting

You want to develop a skill that could make you some extra cash on the side! (more tips on this in the BONUS!)

What buttons are actually the most important to know when shooting in manual mode

The lenses I use for specific types of photography and why

The different kinds of light that will help you choose locations confidently 

How to make sure your images are safe from memory card to external hard drive

15 “look-fors” to take from total rookie to effortless pro

Yes, it’s time. You can do it!

This is the bread & butter--let’s get it!

Because there are so many to choose from!

And how to backlight your subjects too!

It’s important to know the basics!

here's what you'll learn

Sign me up!

enroll now >>

Oh, I get fired up about LIGHTROOM. It is hands down the best in it’s efficient workflow possibilities and detailed options for photographers who edit several photos at a time. Because of the workflow capabilities and tools within the program, I do not feel bound to my computer; I feel like a mom who enjoys editing. Because of its organizational ease, I know where my images are, because let’s be honest, they’re worth their weight in gold--and so are my client’s! And because I understand what’s important for my realm of editing, I can confidently select edits to my own style that leave me creatively-energized and proud of the art I create. Does this program sound like something you need? As a mom, hobbyist or professional, Lightroom is absolutely for you! Imagine the potential if you allowed yourself the room to simply just learn it--in one sitting?

lightroom editing course

Online for beginner editors 

Click to purchase the editing bundle here!

sweet words from our STUDENTS

“I’m just frustrated that I spent hours trying to figure all this out by reading online and watching YouTube videos, but I could never really get a good idea of what I was supposed to do and then I was able to understand it all in like 15 minutes from watching The Capture Course.”



sweet words from our students

“Lindsay’s in-home workshop literally gave me the necessary confidence to be behind the camera, relieved any stress I had while shooting, and has given me what I need to have fun while documenting!”




sweet words from our students

“The Capture Course was the perfect jumpstart for someone that’s never used a camera in manual before (that was me!). It was straightforward and simple so it was easy to follow along!”

 -Sarah Gobble, Sarah Lotus Photos



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