Picture this *pun intended*: 

Your bare walls are now decorated with art. 
Your guests gasp at how beautiful your new art is. 
Your home is filled with meaningful pictures of the candidness of your current family. 

And say it with me, mamas, this is *ART*. 

What if the stress of planning for outfits, cleaning up your home or powering through the hot Texas heat or random freezing temperatures wasn’t even a *thing*? 

Did I mention there’d be coffee? 

What if you didn’t have to worry about the kids running off during your family session?

Did I mention there’d be toys and M&Ms?

What if you could have guidance when it comes to decorating your bare walls the way you envision but just can’t execute? 

Did I mention there’d be a DJ named Alexa? 

What if there were stylized pillows and a wardrobe at your fingertips? 

Mama, you’ve got the world on your shoulders. Hear me: You. Are. Killing. It.

Book a studio session with me, and we’ll transform your space, bring the *warm and cozy* to your living room and silently scream to your family (and yourself, mama)—that you are actually living your dream. 

Ready to document these sweet moments for your family? I can't wait to hear from you!


Ding! You arrive in my inbox! 

Within 24-48 hours, I’ll send you my next available dates. Most studio sessions happen during weekdays, but I do have some availability on weekends. 


Mark Your Calendar

I’ll send you my styling guide, and I’ll be your blunt friend giving you advice on what looks best in the studio. I promise I won’t leave you hanging, girl! 


Next, let's start planning

You’ll complete a questionnaire so that I can make sure I understand your vision for the session and personalities within your family. Let’s capture the quirks, mama!


take care of all the details

You arrive at my home, let me serve you some coffee, and we get your playlist going while magic happens!


can i pour you a cup of coffee?

Omgosh, do *NOT* say sorry when little Jimmy would rather play than smile at the camera. Relax. Let me do my thing, and I promise you will love the personality and frame-worthy shots captured. 


Let your kids be themselves

One thing: promise me you won’t judge me and how silly and crazy I often get behind the camera?? K, deal. #PEEKABOO! 


no judgment please!

I’ll clean up after you, and you’ll receive your gallery shortly. Download your images, order your favorite prints through the professional gallery, and let’s get to decorating.


hooray! gallery Delivery!

I’m 100% available for creative inspiration when it comes to actually framing, so please reach out and press send! 


get inspired to decorate

Your home is more cozy, more lovely, more inviting than before. Be reminded, mama. Be reminded that you are as much of a gift to your family as they are to you. 


be reminded:
you are a gift

let's capture your memories

our studio session packages

digital collection

package 1

keepsake collection

package 2

album collection

package 3

package 1

access to studio space
online client style guide
stylized pillows + decor
50+ digital images

The Digital Collection

30 minutes


package 2

wardrobe styling assistance
access to client closet
access to studio space
online client style guide
stylized pillows + decor
100 + digital files
gallery wall design consultation

The Keepsake Package

60 minutes


package 3

access to client closet
access to studio space
online client style guide
stylized pillows + decor
100+ digital files
8x8 linen photo album

The Heirloom Package

60 minutes 


what if I want it


We offer mini sessions once per month!

Here's how it works: we offer specific studio and outdoor dates for mini sessions each month. A mini session is short and sweet: just 20 minutes! During that time, we'll capture 50+ images of your family, with a delivery of all digital images so you can print and frame these memories in your home.

20-minute mini session
wardrobe styling assistance
access to studio space
stylized pillows + decor
50 + digital files

come on in, and take a peek!

video tour

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have followed you on Instagram for years because I have not only admired your work, but also came to admire you as a person, and a mother, and a businesswomen, and you have 110% lived up to the hype! I love these pictures so much! I am so grateful we were able to book with you for our first family pictures!” – Megan

“Lindsay was so easy to work with! When scheduling with her, she made me feel like a priority. During every interaction with her she was positive and excited, which made me feel super comfortable. Her demeanor during our photo shoot was so helpful. My husband and I always feel a bit awkward in front of the camera, but she let us be ourselves and also gave us very natural suggestions for poses and placement. When we got the photos back we were blown away by how effortless they looked!” – Caddy

“We love our pictures! Working with Lindsay is so fun and special. She is a mix of so many rare qualities. She is extremely creative, artistic, and has an eye for capturing pictures with the right balance of beauty and emotion. But also, Lindsay as a person is so genuine! She wants to truly connect with people. She sees you as a friend, not a client. Being around Lindsay makes me want to be a better human being! Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?!”

client name

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client name

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Lindsay Davenport is a newborn and motherhood photographer + educator based in Dallas and available for travel worldwide.

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