The Wedding Workflow 
Email Templates

Struggling with spending too much time thinking, typing and sending duplicate emails within your business? Once I realized that I was essentially sending the same emails over and over again throughout my wedding workflow, I worked smarter, not harder. 

We need to stick together and beat the email system that’s sucking the life out of our time and brain power. I want to help you get back to your creative wheelhouse, so I’m handing you my system. I’ll not only share my 17 email templates but open a door for you: MORE TIME, helllooo.

In my Wedding Photography Email Templates you’ll get an inside look at: 
-My wedding workflow 
-The email templates I use 
-A list of vendors I outsource with
-And a video link showing how I use templates within my online workflow management system

The templates cover every exchange from: 
-Initial Wedding Inquiries
-Engagement Sessions
-Bridal Sessions
-The Wedding Day
-Wedding Albums

These email templates are sure to answer questions, give you back your time and streamline your process so you can serve your clients with intention and consistency.. 

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The How-To Guide to 
Organizing Successful Mini Sessions

Do you have a love/hate relationship with hosting mini sessions? Maybe you’re unsure of how to launch your first round? 

Back-to-back mini sessions can be a creative and financial blessing so you can make extra cash to invest in camera gear, save money for your family and maximize your availability to a number of clients at one time. 
They can also be daunting if you're not prepared.
Have no fear!
I've created a list of must-do’s and definitely do-not’s to help you organize and execute your mini sessions in a way that you and your clients will enjoy.
In this e-book you'll learn:
1) How to market your mini sessions
2) How to organize and schedule
3) How to set and manage expectations well via email and during your session
4) 8 Email templates to exchange throughout the booking process
5) Quick posing hacks for candid captures (and a video tutorial!)
You'll also find my very own:
-Sample shot list
-Sample timeline
-4 sample galleries of families of 2, 3, 4 and 5 members
Refine your mini session process or execute your first round with confidence. The results will be financially-pleasing, creatively-satisfying and,quite frankly, a marketing tool for you to be able to meet and reach more people!

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Lindsay started her professional photography career in New Mexico while in Speech-Language Pathology graduate school in 2013. Little did she know, her passion for photography - specifically capturing wedding days for the beginning of beautiful legacies - would take her into educating others to do the same. After hosting workshops in New Mexico and Texas, in 2017 Lindsay created The Capture Course, an online beginner photography course that equips busy moms and aspiring photographers to capture the moments they’ve always dreamed by using their cameras in manual mode. Since then, she’s mentored photographers 1:1 and created resources for them to be successfully-creative and technically-confident. 

At her core, Lindsay adores her husband Jordan, her son Luke & daughter Aubrey. Nothing makes her heart more full than family time--especially photographing the candid moments and framing them around her house. She is the epitome of a #proudcatmom, is always looking forward to her next travel adventure and a major extrovert who loves to connect (any other Enneagram 2s!?). 

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