February 16, 2015

OH BOY! Happy, happy Monday everyone! I have been working on my new website for a little over a month now. I dove into the project while we were in Dallas over Christmas and have had externship and life take over since we’ve returned to Las Cruces! Which is totally fine and expected! 

This semester I am working full time at Esperanza Children’s Therapies for my last internship of my graduate degree as an SLP student. Because I work 9-6, my photography schedule only allows me to book clients on Wednesdays or the weekends (I’m able to get off at 4:00). This alone has kept me busy yet relaxed. I’m busy during the day with my kiddos, but my photography schedule has been a lot more relaxed, which I am thankful for! Taking a step back during slow season to evaluate how I hope my balanced life should be and feel has been a blessing. 

In the meantime, I have worked off and on on a few big goals on my winter checklist: creating a website, designing a wedding album and learning Two Bright Lights for submitting weddings for publishing! Check, check and CHECK! It might have taken me a little more than winter break, but hey, I’m cool with it. Life feels great now that these loads are checked off.

I had my talented and creative friend Jessica Gobble help give her input and ideas for my website. She also wrote our literature (bio) on it, and for that we are so thankful!! She is extremely talented, passionate and the best creative friend to have on my team. 

Jordan contributed by looking at my website almost daily and saying, “oh yeah, it looks good baby!” Gotta love him, right? He did have some constructive criticism, which I needed and appreciated! And also, he nailed a new headshot of me for the website with our sweet, new vintage couch! Thanks love! The story of that couch? I was driving to my first day of internship when I got lost in a neighborhood…no joke. I went down a street and saw this couch sitting in front of a house. I told Jordan about it that night, and we went back around 8:00 to call it a DAVENPORT! We knocked on the door to make sure this was real life, and apparently, it was! So it’s our baby now! 

I think a much needed shout out is in order to Squarespace and Go Daddy customer service, because both of them, through email and phone call, were so prompt and helpful! You can say I sent several emails with questions and had some phone calls that were more than helpful! I would recommend either in a heartbeat!! 

With this being said, I can’t wait to start up my blogging again, continue on with a balanced life and start clicking away on my camera! Because I was working on my Squarespace blog, I put all my past engagement session blogs and personal blogs on hold–be on the look out for those soon! And also! Once the daylight savings time hits and the sun sets later, my schedule will be more flexible to schedule clients! 

Excited about the bright future!!

  • Next up: Lindsay Davenport Photography’s workshop is next weekend–cannot wait! It’ll be so fun pouring into other passionate photographers who are in the shoes I wore just so recently!
  • Then I will turn around and attend MY first ever workshop in Scottsdale in March–specifically for business and wedding photographers! So pumped about that! Amy and Jordan are hosting it, and I follow them religiously! 
  • Our weddings start back up next month, and I am very anxious for those! So far, I love every one of our brides and can’t wait to see their wedding day unfold for them! 
  • ROAD TRIP! We’ve only planned our first few days of it, but hey, we’re dreamin’ about a road trip EAST this June!
  • And lastly, our BIG MOVE TO DALLAS! Here, we are basically putting our plans in God’s hands. Jordan has applied to some internships at big hospitals, and I have applied to the schools for an SLP position. If you’re reading this, we would love your prayers that we trust whatever jobs we land are God’s will and a fit for us! He was faithful when we both got into NMSU together two springs ago, so we praise Him for that!
    • YES! I still plan to continue my photography business in Dallas, and I’m so very pumped about it! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous too! I’ll continue working after work and on weekends just like I do now, but hopefully at a much more balanced rate than my first year of photography. I’d love prayers for that too, quite honestly! Because juggling both on top of marriage, friends, family, working out, quiet times & other important things is…hard! 

So anyways folks, that’s a quick update for what’s been going on around Lindsay Davenport Photography! I have just been SO encouraged by you all the last few weeks and am truly just blessed to have established sweet relationships with so many of you. We love working side by side with couples, and I find joy photographing your special moments. 

Joys always,


  1. Miranda says:

    LOVE the new website! Seems like such an exciting time for you! My prayers go out to a smooth transition to Dallas, and I hope your professional career as an SLP as well as a Photographer are a huge success because your talent deserves to be shared!

  2. Jessica Gobble says:

    Lindsay, I just love seeing you grow into your business. You’re seriously amazing and you inspire me!! Thanks for including me in your creative process!


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