Tasty Tuesdays: Power Bowl

March 24, 2015

Mm mm mm. You might know this recipe as the Power Bowl at The Bean or the Bowl of Pappas at Josefinas. These are both restaurants in Old Mesilla in Las Cruces that you must try. They make a comparable bowl that is delicious at either place, but Josephinas is different in that they use queso-like cheese and scrambled eggs instead of fried. I’m going to share the recipe we typically make in a pinch, because it’s hearty, quick and easy to make again as left-overs. We absolutely love it! 

My vision for these recipes is to hopefully connect with others who lead busy lives yet enjoy the simple act of cooking a somewhat healthy, quick and yummy meal for their family. I know you all are out there, and I want to encourage and be encouraged by you. Feel free to share some of your quick go-to’s with me to help a sister out, as well! 🙂

This is our take on the Power Bowl. Keep in mind the portions depend on how much you’d like in your individual bowl and for leftovers.

Power Bowl

2-3 medium sized potatoes 

4-6 strips of bacon, depending 

4-6 eggs, depending

green chile

queso (of your liking)

First, chop and fry potatoes in skillet, and season to your liking. Next, fry bacon slices, depending on how many you would like per bowl. Fry or scramble your eggs to your liking. Lindsay has found that scrambled is her favorite, as long as there is queso, because it blends the ingredients together well. Jordan likes fried, because the egg yolk helps combine all the ingredients. After you’ve fried your egg(s), melt or mix your queso to your liking. We often times melt velvet + green chile or a can of Rotel. Now that you have all of your ingredients, let’s assemble!

To assemble your bowl:

Scoop a serving of fried potatoes in your bowl. Drizzle (or cover in Lindsay’s mind) queso over papas. Crumble as many slices of bacon over your mixture. Next, put your scrambled or fried eggs on top. Finish it off by adding a spoonful of salsa and/or green chile. If you’re going for extra rich and cheesy, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top, as well. Salt, pepper, and microwave for about 15 seconds to really top off the blending of the mixtures. Lastly, mix up the ingredients, and enjoy a hearty, delicious Power Bowl!

We love to make a lot of fried potatoes and bacon at the first sitting so that we can make more Power Bowls later in the weak. All we have to do is fry up eggs and maybe mix some more queso if we need! It’s seriously amazing. And because I’m your friend, I’m telling you to not skip out on that green chile. Include that scrumptious stuff, because it’s too good not to!

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever had either of these bowls in Las Cruces, and which one is your favorite!? Lindsay is the Bowl of Papas and Josefina’s, but Jordan’s is the Power Bowl at The Bean!

If you attempt to make this bowl, take a picture of it and hashtag is #ldptastytuesdays. But most importantly, enjoy!




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