Jose & Christianne | Hotel Encanto Wedding

April 25, 2015

After culling through the Rodriguez wedding photos, I told Jordan, “Christianne’s wedding really was like a fairytale”. I can say that, because I’ve known the beautiful bride for years. I’ve dreamed about her wedding day with her, her future husband, his qualities. In hindsight, I see that Jose was the one. Jose has been the one who swept her off her feet, who’s loved her through trials, who’s been her support through her end years of graduate school. He’s the one who was supposed to make her fairytale complete. It’s such a sweet privilege for me to get to photograph such close friends’ wedding days, because I get to feel with them throughout the day, knowing their hearts. I also get to relive it as I piece together their blogs, which I did just now. And again, after seeing the smiles of joy throughout the day, the celebration to follow and the whole picture, I see that Jose was it all along. He was her happy ending and a new beginning at the same time. I am so happy for my good friend! 

Christianne, with the most bubbly, genuine, loving personality you could ever want in a wife, felt most beautiful on her wedding day. She said that’s the way it should be–you should feel most beautiful on your wedding day. And she’s right, you should and she was. The look on Jose’s face when she walked down the aisle was as if Christianne took his breathe away. I literally think she did. It was incredible to watch their love and excitement throughout the day. I’m almost positive anyone who came close to them could just feel it. There were moments where nobody else existed but them, and it was perfect. 

The day unfolded from one thoughtful moment to the next. From the sweet gift Jose gave Christianne while she was getting ready, to him asking her for their first dance, their fairytale continued to unravel–perfectly. They delivered cupcakes to their guests after the cake was cut, and once the sweets were eaten, Jose’s parents led the dance floor with the Mancha. With all of their loved ones already present on the dance floor, a circle naturally formed around them.  As you can tell from the pictures, not only did the bride and groom have smiles on their faces, but all of their loved ones did, as well. 

As Jose wrote to Christianne the day of their wedding, “drink deep of these moments so we can remember them when we grow old together.” I’m sure they both did just that, and hopefully, these pictures will sweetly remind them of those moments forever. 

It was such an honor to photograph such a special, passionate and loving couple’s wedding day. I’m so excited for them and their adventures that lie ahead! Enjoy the moments of their wedding day as you scroll through their undeniable joy and passion! 

Venues: St. Albert the Great Newman Center & Hotel Encanto
Florist: Barb’s Flower land
Wedding Gown: Ella Blue
Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal
DJ: Dominic Martinez “Dream Weaver”
Videographer: Gina Palombit
Cake: Amanda Gill and Delicious Creative Cake
Photographer: Lindsay Davenport Photography


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