Lindsay Davenport Photography Workshop Details

May 4, 2015

I’m so excited to be sharing the details of our second photography workshop in Las Cruces this June! When Jordan and I figured out our move date would be late June, we started planning this second workshop that many of you have been inquiring about! And I am SO excited about it! Why?

Because one: I can talk about photography allll day if you let me. And secondly, because successes and change came from this workshop. The statistics above were mind-blowing to me.  Leah attended our first workshop with passion and creativity already in her arsenal. I had to have Leah repeat what she said so that I could fully grasp it: In a week and a half, I  made double the amount of money doing photography than I did working at a restaurant for 9 months. 

Seriously?! Yes! YES. That is what I didn’t even know my heart dreamed of hearing. Not only has Leah experienced success, but the other photographers have, as well, after launching their photography business upon attending our workshop. 

Our workshop is for those of you who:

Are interested in launching a photography business, have recently launched a website, or who feel as though a facelift can be made to your already successful business. It’s for those of you who have an itch for this flexible, life-giving, creative art of a job. It’s for those of you who have had a passion for photography for a while but might be a little scared to take the leap. Truly, it’s for anyone who’s got a passion for serving others through this creative outlet!

Our desire: 

That you will walk away inspired to launch or strengthen your photography business. That you will walk away with a handful of other fans and encouragers through the other workshop attendees. That you will know how to prepare yourself for any and all kinds of lighting situations. That you will be equipped to pose clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable and flattered. That you will be confident in the knowledge we share for you to begin or run a successful business for you and your family. We hope that you can make this career whatever you need it to be to fit into your lifestyle.

What we will cover:

Everything you will need to know to launch or run a business. Essentially, we hope to cover all the questions we had when we first launched our business. We want to continually be connected and encourage you throughout and after the workshop. We will be your biggest fans and hope to see you experience success.

Our story, what worked for us and didn’t work for us, do’s and don’ts from experience, the lenses we use and their differences, our “why” behind our business.

Nailing your exposure in camera, different kinds of light, posing & composition, client interaction in person and via email, email templates, memory cards, backing up files.

How to price yourself, how to target your ideal client, how to brand & market yourself on social media.

How to edit your images in Lightroom from import to export…quickly! 


Location: Our Home

Date: June 15, 2015

Schedule: 2:00-10:00 PM 

Investment: Full Price $600 | Early Bird Price $425 

This will covering the material, applying it during a golden hour session with models, dinner and a Lightroom crash course with the photos taken that day.


We will be hosting a crash course in wedding photography. Click here to link to the blog post with those details!

We can’t wait to open our hearts, strategies and home to those of you interested! Email me to reserve your spot at our full workshop or crash course!

Jordan and I are looking forward to hearing your story and future stories! 


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