Jessica & Presley | A Las Cruces Pecan Orchard Wedding

May 8, 2015

Adventures of Pres & Jess. Of all their past adventures, I’d be willing to bet that one of the most exciting was their wedding day, the catalyst of the sweetest adventure: marriage. 

Having known and fallen so easily into best friends with Jess over the past two years, I got a front row seat at their love story. And I loved it. I loved it, because I’ve gotten to know Jess’ pure, passionate heart. That same heart with which Presley fell easily in love. That same heart that completely planned, executed and enjoyed this wedding day. I know Presley realized the blessing he has in Jess, but I also know from conversation with this sweet lady how this blessing is completely mutual. I absolutely love the way he loves her, encourages her in her dreams and guides her. I watched their joyful hearts overflow throughout their beautiful pecan orchard wedding in her family’s backyard.

The blush and neutral details fit together so fluidly that it wasn’t obvious a professional wedding blogger intentionally planned it this way. Okay, it was. I am so impressed by the special details that made Jess & Pres’ wedding day so uniquely them. From the pecan beer to the candied pecan guest favors handmade my Presley’s mom’s students, the pecan theme ran throughout. The lush flowers smelled as lovely as you’d ever imagine. The bouquet, the centerpieces, the cake. The flowers graced all of these, but the most lovely of them to be found delicately placed in her hair. Whimsical. Presley took his bride-to-be in his arms and made her his wife before friends, family and God. 

The reception began with Sparky’s BBQ, a cold pecan beer and a party awaiting them. The creatively lit bar area was a hot spot for a cold pecan beer while everyone danced the night away. Daddy twirled his little girl, Mama hugged her son tightly, and Presley proceeded to sweep Jessica off her feet…yet again. But this time, with a ring on her finger and vows to support it. Smiles never ceased and laughter was prevalent. When it was time to cut the cake, the polaroids of Jess & Pres were placed aside as they tasted their delicious naked red velvet cake. MY FAVORITE. The wobble and two-stepping called on the dance floor, and when the night was celebrated, they exited their dream wedding day through sparklers lit by every one of their loved ones. 

Perfect. My sweet heart friends wedding was a fun celebration for everyone, and we were so thankful to be such an intimate part of it! They looked so beautiful in each other’s arms!! Congratulations, you two! 

Wedding Dress: I Do Bridal, Too | Seattle

Florist: Kayla Waterhouse, Rose and Honey Floral 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Family Home

Cake: Brita Leupold

Catering: Sparky’s Burgers 

Invitations: Jessica Paxson (the bride)  

Photographer: Lindsay Davenport Photography 


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