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May 25, 2015

Incase you were wondering about our life…..we have updates!

Well…we graduated!

This marks the beginning of a travel-filled summer. A golf-filled summer. A sun-tanning-filled summer. In the next couple of months we be on the road a lot! We’ll be in Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Kentucky, Telluride, Durango and then settle in Dallas…at last! We plan to move from Las Cruces to Dallas at the end of June.

2 years from June 1, 2013 came and went…just like that. Jordan and I married two years ago on that special date with plans of becoming an SLP and RN. And here we are. Really? It’s unreal to me how quickly the past two years flew by, and how unpredictable it was. I never would’ve imagined by the time we graduated, I would own a photography business with my husband. Business world and me? Ha! But I’ve loved every second of learning about marketing, business, photography, etc.  God’s plans once again are far better than mine. 

Now we are headed to Dallas! It was always in the plan, and now that it’s here, it’s so exciting! I imagine all of the adventures ahead: shopping trips to Central Market (that cooking stuff is exciting to me!), frequent trips to Jump Street, collaborating in styled shoots, lots of green, wild flowers and trees to use in photo shoots, decorating my own SLP room, taking cooking classes, shooting weddings in new venues, and buying our first home together–to name a few. There’s a lot to look forward to! There’s more to take pictures of. And even more to process and learn. 

If you haven’t already heard, Jordan will be working as a critical care nurse at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. His job starts July 13th, which is why we’re moving at the end of June. What will I be doing in the meantime? Oh, maybe laying by the pool, taking pictures, and editing! 😉 I accepted a job as a speech-language pathologist in two elementary schools in the Richardson ISD (Prairie Creek & Canyon Creek), so my duties won’t begin until mid August. We’re both so excited for those adventures. And YES: the answer to your question. We will still be doing photography in Dallas! While our business may be narrowing down to weddings and couples, I still enjoy my family and senior sessions. I will be scheduling a limited number of these sessions during the weekdays.  

So yes, we’re totally bringing our passion to Dallas! With the fall pretty well booked with weddings in Texas and a couple in NM, we are thankful for the smooth transfer. It literally gives me butterflies as I dream about the future. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got to hold on tight and be reminded of Truth, because this ride can be scary at times.   

Just like these last two years, our move will be full of lessons, adventures and sweet, sweet memories! Sweet memories like: our graduation party with friends, Jordan’s graduation and my graduation. Earlier this May, I was able to pin Jordan at his nursing ceremony, and he was able to capture my hooding ceremony with pictures.

While this day was sweet and exciting for us, I think it finally hit me (and my “hit”, I mean SLAMMED): we’re leaving behind so many sweet places, people and memories. Our favorite restaurants (and obsessions) were Andeles and Chick-fil-a. Our favorite place to go on walks was the Bowman neighborhood. Our favorite TV shows to unwind to at night were (and still will be!) Jimmy Fallon and Fixer Upper on HGTV. Even though the excitement of what’s ahead has been the brightest, it’s true: we will miss so many of those who loved on us and supported us in Las Cruces. It has all been a blessing to us and shaped who we are!

So these next few weeks ahead shall be busy: travels, packing, and lots of community. We’ll actually be hosting mini sessions in Dallas on May 28th. We have a couple spots left! Las Cruces is completely booked with sessions and photography workshops (oh and packing) before we move.

Dallas, we will be seeing you soon. And Las Cruces, you hold a special place in our hearts! Below are pictures from our graduation party and graduations with our family!


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