16 Things We’re Looking Forward to in 2016

January 4, 2016




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Wait. What? It’s already 2016?

I can remember going downtown when I was a little girl to celebrate the millennium.  It seems just like yesterday. But so much has happened in the past 16 years.

To name a few, I competed in high school sports, graduated high school, college, got married, started a photography business, finished my Masters degree, moved states, started my career, and learned the difference between a NM fall and a TX fall.

Because New Mexico actually looks like fall a lot sooner than Dallas! Womp womp.

Anywho, there is plenty to look forward to this upcoming year! And here are a few…

1.     Lindsay is looking forward to a Texas road trip adventure this June! 

2.     Jordan is looking forward to adding a new puppy to our home.

3.     Lindsay is looking forward to picking out and installing new tile, countertops and a backsplash for our fixer upper kitchen.

4.     Jordan is looking forward to creating his own woodworking shop in our new garage.

5.     Lindsay is looking forward to a couple of her heart friends tying the knot this year!! You know who you are! 

6.     Jordan is looking forward to adding a new Saw Stop table saw to that workshop.

7.     Lindsay is looking forward to nurturing new friendships in Dallas. 

8.     Jordan is looking forward to teeing off of several new golf courses in the Dallas area this year.

9.     Lindsay is looking forward to photographing new couples in new venues and destinations this year. I can hardly wait to see what changes 2016 will hold for my business. We’re being prayerful and optimistic!

10. Jordan is looking forward to making furniture for our house in his garage-shop with his new table saw. 😉 Do you see a theme here!? 

11. Lindsay is looking forward to making a few stops at Jump Street to satisfy her 9-year old hankering for some backflips. (Or Jordan can just find me a trampoline on Craigslist….!!)

12. Jordan is looking forward to finding more woodworking videos on YouTube to become addicted to. Frank Howarth is currently THE MAN.

13. Lindsay is looking forward to picking up old habits of watching Jimmy Fallon every night before bed like we used to in college. Except maybe recording it and watching reruns, because we have jobs and have to go to bed earlier these days!

14. Jordan is looking forward to more experienced gained as a level 1 trauma ICU nurse and more patients he’s able to meet and serve. Can I brag? I’m so proud of him. It fills my heart every time he tells me how he has the “best job”. Because I can relate. And I’m so thrilled for him.

15. Lindsay is looking forward to more trips back to New Mexico to visit friends and family. Las Cruces will always be sweet, and Artesia will always be sweeter. Home is so delicious where green chiles are the best and the Organ Mountains and farmland satisfy my soul.  Nature will always calm my heart and energize my creative side.

16. Jordan is looking forward to spending more hours making our house a home while working on new projects as they arise. Because as we’ve been told, they never stop! I think that’s one of the best pieces of advice we’ve been given. So now my expectations aren’t that someday we’ll finish our fixer upper, because in reality, we never will! 

Personally, I’m going to work on being rooted and grounded in love while discovering more about  the love that surpasses all knowledge from Christ. (Ephesians 3:16-19).

How much sweeter would my marriage, my job, my photography business, my relationships be if I were to grow in this knowledge? 

How much sweeter could yours be? It’s going to be a sweet year, friends! 

  1. Amy B says:

    You are wise beyond your years! Wish I’d figured out some of this stuff and had your insight earlier in my marriage. Happy 2016!


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