LDP’s 3 Year Anniversary | Part Time to Full Time Photography

June 16, 2016

This time of year always gives me all the feels. 

Like. I pinch myself. 


…a little over 3 years ago: Jordan and I had just gotten married on June 1, 2013 in my hometown of Artesia, NM where we had been putting all of our time into planning, creating and executing our dream DIY wedding in my family’s barn. Oh, and going to school. That too! We finished up our undergraduate degrees, and then we heard wedding bells! It all happened so quickly. 

I was telling a friend of mine today while we were getting pedicures that I remember throughout my wedding process–the bridals, the wedding–thinking how fun it must be for Jess (our wedding photographer) to get to take pictures.

But. I never thought about myself actually pursuing or doing this. 

I was always that girl. 

You see, I was always the girl with the disposal cameras when we were younger; the girl with the digital camera throughout my high school years (the girl who over posted to FB, more so); and the girl with the DSLR camera in college who didn’t know how to use it (yep, so true. automatic all the way peeps). 

That spring before we graduated and got married, another one of my besties/roommates got engaged. Our other roommate (thank you Jordan!) encouraged me to take engagement pictures of Jess and Ryan, because they weren’t sure what they were going to do for them, and you know, I had a camera. Why not!? So one Sunday after church, we set out in the blaring hot sun (totally midday) to take their engagement pictures. 

Golden hour? What’s that? Hehe. 

But you know what? It was fun having a couple, who’s so in love and excited, in front of my camera. Instead of farmland and sunsets, which I was particularly comfortable with! 

So what changed…

Well, once we returned from our honeymoon and started getting settled into our little apartment, I entertained some interest I had gotten after I posted Jess and Ryan’s engagement pictures to Facebook. Because, you know, when you post on Facebook, it clearly means you’re a professional. Oops! Not judging. I did it! 

So I took my kit lens and DSLR on Auto to a session, and I loved it. I even edited it in a program that came with my laptop–clueless. This is when the idea of….could I? should I? 

After posting a few more of those pictures on my personal Facebook, I received more inquiries (not sure how, but thank you guys! you got me started!). Not only that, but my husband Jordan told me I was good. Thanks for lying Jordan. It obviously was a well-thought out lie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So again, naturally, I drove over to Starbucks one night, and I took the leap. 

Our apartment was so new to us, after we’d gotten into town from our honeymoon, that we didn’t have internet. So I used Starbucks’, and I took the leap to create a Facebook page for Lindsay Davenport Photography. 

Wham Bam I was legit! A true photographer in business ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

But really, I drove home that evening actually very emotional. I was emotional, because 1) that’s me. Hi, I’m Lindsay, and I’m a major feeler. And 2) I had a feeling this was actually something that could have purpose. 


So here I am today, reminiscing on these past 3 years of busyness, hustle, passion and grit. These past 3 years of mistakes, lessons learned and humility gained. These past 3 years of new experiences, beautiful scenes and new friendships. 

Overwhelmed. Thankful. Humbled. 

The past 3 years consisted of 2 years pursuing photography while in graduate school and a year working full time as a speech pathologist. While I definitely have my regrets, which I may share in a later post, I’m so thankful to have 2 careers that I can say I truly love–a more variable career and a steady career, should we need it in the years to come. Both which leave me feeling fulfilled and energized. 

While this next year looks like a heavier load of photography before baby Dav comes, I hope to continue to pursue speech pathology in some form, whether PRN or part time. 

But for today, I can’t believe I can finally say it, but I’m going full time with photography after 3 years!

I can’t thank or hug you all who have been in front of my camera, commented or left encouraging emails/messages or attended workshops. You are who have made LDP what it is today, and this is me trying to thank you, if I’m not able to personally. 

I feel like I am the best me when I am behind my camera interacting with people. 

In the future

You can expect a Lindsay Davenport Photography workshop to be announced for this upcoming August/September, more 1-1 mentoring opportunities, more bridals, engagements and weddings and quite frankly, more coffee date opportunities, because I hope our time together doesn’t end on your wedding day! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Hugs to all and cheers to 3 years! 



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