How To Nail Your Engagement Session While Having Fun | The Fitting Piece to the Puzzle

November 1, 2016




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I always walk away from engagement session so energized and joyful. For many reasons, but two of which being: 1) I feed off of the couple and love witnessing their chemistry together 2) photographing couples in love is something God has wired me to be oh-so passionate about and find thrilling.

Sometimes I walk away from them extra energized (meaning extra talkative and wired for the next couple of hours). Jordan can explain in more detail what this looks like! Oops! 😉

While I’ve never doubted the love or excitement shared between a couple during their engagement session (thankfully, all my couples are quite smitten!), there are some couples who unknowingly have the secret piece of the puzzle during their engagement session.


I feel like there are two kinds of brides during an engagement session:

One bride who goes into the session expecting to be loved on and have fun, because…she’s smitten over her fiance!

Another bride who desires to look like her favorite Pinterest poses, because she is so excited to have memories like those! 

Both–completely FINE! 

Now, while I wish I could say that I fall into the first category, I definitely cheese it in front of the camera and aim for those Pinterest shots I’ve seen instead of just letting Jordan wrap me up in his arms and giggle or rest naturally with him. So I’m not pointing fingers, but simply suggesting what I’ve witnessed photographs best. I hope to encourage some of you with this blog post!

Please do look through past blog posts of mine, Pinterest, Instagram or wherever you find inspiring engagement pictures.


Do know that those dreamy images where your fiancé has romantically pulled your neck in for a kiss while your eyes are closes and it’s like you’re melting in his arms as he lands one on your lips—that pose happened naturally for that couple on Pinterest, because they were in love in front of the camera while the photographer was guiding them. Not posing.


That photo where your fiancé has you wrapped up in his arms as your heads meet so naturally as if you’re meant to fit together as a puzzle piece? Those work so much better when you:

are relaxed and present in the moment, acknowledging who you’re taking pictures with;

why you’re taking these pictures;

what these pictures will mean to you later;

and generally aim to love on your fiancé and have fun.

BE YOU. You know the way you cuddle together on the couch? The way he comes up behind you in the kitchen and hugs you tight? The way you lean in and lay your head on his shoulder or kiss his cheek? When your expectations are to just be YOU with a little coaching and guiding from me, it just fits. The fitting piece to the puzzle is connected. 


specific advice from others that suggest what to do with your eyes, hands, body, etc.;

thinking too much or trying to hard;

unrealistic expectations.

Let me guide you and orchestrate sweet, romantic and fun moments to naturally unfold for you. 

If you’ve been in front of my camera, you know that I do suggest poses for you, but you do not stay in those specific poses for long. I’m constantly talking to you, telling you to sway this way, walk that way, look down, whisper in her ear, and so forth. I’m hoping to create candid moments for you, but what the best is when couples take this and laugh, cuddle and flirt through it.

It’s the best when I can almost literally see my brides melting in their groom’s arms when I suggest poses, and that relaxed act of just being present in the moment automatically allows them to look so natural, dreamy and fit together so romantically. 

So when you’re in front of my camera, remember this: you are marrying this fiancé in front of you. You love them. Remember, you love them! Those butterflies and feelings of nerves mixed with heartfelt excitement on your proposal day? Wrap those up and let all of this be present with you during your session. Forget about how much time it took to pick out an outfit, your previous work day, the meeting you have with your caterer next week—and just be in each other’s arms, hug each other tight and take advantage when I tell you to go in for the “slowest kiss imaginable”. 😉

It’s the couples who naturally come to their engagement session with the expectation of loving who they’re with in front of the camera who leave me feeling so energized and excited after their session. They make photographing them so easy, contagious and “Pinterest-worthy”.

So when you’re preparing for your engagement session, let the perfection go and the playfulness exuberate the love and joy you share between the two of you. 



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