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December 13, 2016




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All the feels, you guys. All the feels.

As I shared in my last blog post, there are more reasons that one that I chose “You Are Our Greatest Adventure” for our nursery theme.

Yes, it’s ridiculously adorable. But it’s more than that.

To me.

When we found out we were pregnant, we were already in the season of life where I felt like we were “adventuring”. We were planning travels, learning a new city, renovating a house, starting new jobs—plenty adventures that seemed adventurous enough! I honestly couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the adventure that was awaiting us when we found out our exciting news.

And I honestly think God gives us 9 months to try to grasp this concept. Because, as you know, it’s quite a big one. Quite an incredible one. Quite a mind-blowing one. I am still, as I type this blog post, trying to wrap my mind around the adventure this baby boy has already led us on and what adventure await us.

Travels, renovations, materials and things of this world just simply cannot compare to meeting your child, investing into their life, getting to know their personality and getting to learn who they are at their core.

Mmm! I just can’t.

He is our greatest adventure.

Because I Struggle to Be Adventurous

The second reason this theme is significant to me is has to do with one of my biggest struggles personally.

You see, one of my biggest struggles is the fact that I worry. Like, a lot. And I’ve been completely aware of this, and God is revealing more about his sovereignty and control over my life as I walk through this. It’s almost kind of a joke with others how our son will wear helmets, knee-pads and all the protection. Which—not saying that he won’t! 😉 But I know there’s a healthy balance in there, as well. To put it into perspective as to how deep this goes for me, one of my crazy thoughts that crossed my mind when we found out we were pregnant was: “great, now I have another something to worry about”. I’m just being completely real. This was a thought of mine. 

You guys, that is CRAZY TALK. Like, not from the Lord AT ALL.

Thankfully, I didn’t just let that thought simmer, and I have learned so much about my core struggle with worry and my lack of trust in God. As I’m continuing to walk out of this and beat it with truth, I have to constantly pray for God to give me faith. I have to think that this probably isn’t an uncommon struggle for most parents with kids. But I don’t want to be that parent.

I don’t want to be so wrapped up in my struggle of fear that I don’t let our baby boy ADVENTURE.

I deeply desire for him to explore, adventure, conquer, experience new things and discover those inner desires of his heart that God uniquely made him to long for.

I don’t want him to be held back by a fearful mom, and I know this is something only I can walk through with the Lord. Because you guys, He already knows our son’s days. He knows mine, Jordan’s and the life ahead of him. So why should I even worry or take control of this? He’s got it all. And I can breath. 🙂

Years Ago

I’ll never forget this story that one of my mom’s college friend’s Becca told several years ago. She’s a single parent to two adventurous sons. One of her son’s deepest desires was to summit all the 14ers in Colorado. Which—if you aren’t aware of this goal, it’s quite a feat. It requires education on how to do this, appropriate equipment, training and physical preparation among many other things. As a single mom, it could have been so easy for her to discourage him from doing this. But as she told us, she wanted him to experience his deepest desires and go for it. She simply told him that if he really wanted to accomplish this, she supported him as long as he prepare—buy the right gear, be educated on how to do this and train accordingly. He did. And he can now say that he has summited all of the 14ers in Colorado, among many other incredible, adventurous feats.

Now, who knows if that’s going to be our son’s desires (eeek!!), but my point is that: I want him to adventure. I want him to experience the inner desires of his heart with parents who support him and cheer him on.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy for me. But this is something I know that I want for him, and I know I can seek truth in.

All the GOOD

How fitting is it that we’re able to put our travel map of “adventures” in his nursery, and how fitting that these mountains are symbolic of my dreams for him to “adventure”? Honestly, these both just clicked with me as I typed this! Ah! Can’t even. 

And major shout out to his daddy who painted the mountains, assembled the big things and built the book shelves that I ADORE! 

So y’all, this baby is our biggest adventure, and he’s growing his parents in the best way! Let’s go, baby boy!

And then I got home today and opened this gift from one of our 2017 brides Kali and nearly lost it. ALL THE HAPPY TEARS! Thank you girl!! 

  1. Taylor Garrison says:

    I love all your honesty! I’ve always struggled with anxiety and worrying myself. Maybe it’s our crazy A-type personalities huh?! I’ve memorized this verse along time ago and it’s brought me so much peace in times of stress. I hope it can bring you some comfort too as you start this "adventure".
    "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition, present your requests to God. And the grace of God, that transcends all understanding, will cover your hearts and your minds, through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

    Thank you for always being an inspiration Lindsay ❤️


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