Happy 1 Month, Lucas Brent! | Month in Review

January 14, 2017

How has one month already passed? I’ve taken a picture here and there (ha!), but it honestly hasn’t been the first thing I think of. I am just trying to be as organized and good about weekly pictures like my friend Lauren Guy Photography was with her little girl! But…I forgot week 1. Oops! So below you’ll see his 1 day picture, 2, 3 and 4 week. 🙂 I can hardly believe how much he grows each week!

This first month has been a sleepy one, but it honestly hasn’t been as exhausting as we thought. We’ve had numerous friends come visit us, and two of our best friends who stayed a couple days and spoiled us rotten. We’re still eating freezer meals they cooked for us and feeling so loved. I was telling Jordan recently how fun it’s been having so many people come visit, catch up over the phone and just reconnect. My relational, extroverted self’s cup is totally full. Thank you, thank you to those who have loved on us with meals, phone calls and visits!

I brought my camera to the hospital, and it got passed around as different people took pictures of us and our families. I honestly had no idea how precious these photos would be to me. Regardless of the bags and bags of fluid they pumped in me, I have to share, because it will always remind me of his birth story, which wasn’t perfect, but I don’t think any story is. It was perfectly imperfect, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Luke was born right before Christmas, so obviously we had some fun with him! 

Then I almost freaked out that I hadn’t taken a little photo shoot of our family before Luke grew out of his sleepy newborn stage, so I talked Jordan into a simple photo shoot, and that’s exactly what we did, and I LOVE the black and white simplicity of them below! I’ll cherish these forever. 

At one month:

  • Lucas is starting to smile, but we don’t know exactly what’s triggering that joy just yet!

  • He weighs a little over 9 pounds and 3 ounces

  • He loves to eat

  • He is quite the little stretcher after naps

  • He’s starting to become more cuddly

  • He’s an expert thinker with his furrowed brow

  • He scoots on his tummy when you give him resistance to push off

  • He’s growing out of his newborn clothes and fitting into 3 month

  • He’s outgrown newborn diapers, as well. Stop, Luke, Stop! 🙂

He’s a pretty loved little dude. 

Happy one month Luke. You’ve been quite an adventure so far!


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