Bella Woods Fairytale Wedding | Sean & Skyler

February 28, 2017


Skyler and Sean’s wedding day was an absolute fairytale.

However, I’m not exactly going to sugarcoat it for you. But do let me explain what made it unforgettably perfect. 

Hours before Skyler and Sean tied the knot, their venue was still being painted, landscaping was going in and décor was being assembled. I hesitated to share these details, but then I realized the Hayne’s wedding story would be missing one of its special pieces if I did. Because, you guys, there are always happy endings, remember!? 😉 The wedding day displayed God’s grace and sacrificial love through so many friends and family members that it’s quite incredible, and that just can’t be forgotten! It was truly incredible! 

Within these same hours, Skyler and her bridesmaids were laughing and listening to music while their hair and makeup was being done. There couldn’t have been a single thing in the world that would’ve made Skyler fret on her wedding day. Not a thing! And that most definitely set the pace. 

You see, because behind the scenes, her mama and daddy and probably hundreds of loved ones were coming together and finishing the final touches on their venue that was projected to be finished by their wedding at 4:30 Saturday, February 25, 2017. It was happening, and Skyler was going to walk down the aisle, in a church with pews that she helped paint, to her groom, whether the baseboards were painted or the floors were swept.

But they were! And I might add: it was magical. Their venue was absolutely incredible, and they got to be the first to experience that excitement at Bella Woods!

The Haynes’ fairytale wedding is one that will hold many stories and special memories when they look back on it, because not only will they remember the love they shared between the two of them, but they’ll remember all of the sacrificial love that so many of their friends and family gave them. They’ll remember the floral arrangements that Skyler’s mother created. They’ll remember the cool weather they had which is hard to come by in Dallas! They’ll remember the dance party at the reception. And they’ll remember the special details that made it uniquely their own.  

Skyler’s mother switched roles from mother-of-the-bride to florist seamlessly throughout the day. She created the most magical reception hall for Skyler with the most magnificent floral centerpieces I’ve ever seen. The cake display, ice bar and bouquets were incredible details they’ll be able to look back on in amazement, as well. The same hands that made Skyler’s bouquet and centerpieces were the same hands that zipped her wedding dress, held her hand while she was getting ready and hugged her the tightest at the end of the sparkler exit. These hands were worn with paint, hard work and love, which will be marked and remembered by images where she’s zipping Skyler’s wedding dress. That image will forever paint a picture of the real fairytale wedding the Haynes will remember. And it painted a beautiful picture of the magical fairytale wedding that Sean and Skyler will forever smile back on when they remember it.  I don’t know how a couple couldn’t feel overwhelmed with love coming from so many angles!

And let’s be honest here, I do not believe Skyler could have been more stunning in her glamorous wedding gown, with her lovely locks and her cathedral veil to top it off. The way Sean made her smile during their husband and wife portraits in the woods clearly show you their “fairytale ending”–except for–we all know it’s really just beginning! Seeing the two of them together just warms my heart. I could not be more excited that their wedding day was as lovely as it was for such a deserving pair!

Obviously, every bride and groom experiences their own fairytale ending, and Skyler and Sean did just that. Everyone worked together as a team to finish and create the wedding of their dreams, and oh, it was so dreamy! Any bride would be lucky to experience a fairytale in the woods like theirs. They ran through an exit of sparklers, as husband and wife to a life they’ve been waiting for: Mr. and Mrs. Haynes!


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