Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding | Nick & Kali

April 4, 2017

Abundant joy. 

That’s what comes to mind when I replay moments from Nick and Kali’s Hidden Pines Chapel wedding. The day couldn’t have been more lovely, the vows more heartfelt and the celebration more exciting. The smile you see on Kali’s face throughout the following images perfectly depict the theme of the day. 

Kali couldn’t have been more confident, relaxed and full of joy, and it was time to put her wedding dress on it, it was like somehow all of these emotions were even elevated! How stunning did she look!? 

And how precious was her First Look with Nick!? They planned to see each other before the ceremony, and I just love it when couples choose to do this. It doubles the number of precious reactions to capture and doubles the amount of portraits between the two of them. Not to mention, they were able to see each other more on their wedding day! But oh my, Nick’s immediate reaction to seeing his stunning bride—PRICELESS. The way he wiped a tear from her face after this moment–PRICELESS. The joy they quite obviously radiated–MEMORABLE. And I hope and pray that days, months, years from now, when they look at these images, they can remember those very same feelings. I hope they can savor and talk about this moment for years to come and comment about how special it was seeing each other on their wedding day for the first time. 

I just love that in that moment, they were able to talk, take each other in, hug and kiss each other. And you guys, I just LOVE these two! Their personalities are just the best, and it made for some fun, easy posing for them–quite simply, they don’t need much direction! 

But not only was their First Look memorable, there were other unique and special events in their wedding day. They had a friend who painted THEM IN FRONT OF THE ALTAR! You guys. I got the chills as I watched her start, paint and finish her painting. It’s absolutely incredible and so special for Nick and Kali to have FOREVER. To show their kids and grandkids! 

Another neat feat from their wedding was that they gave each guest a ticket worth a dollar amount, and they asked for them to drop the ticket into one of three jars that represented a charity which they were affiliated with in some way. Nick and Kali plan to give to the charities that the tickets were dropped in, and I absolutely loved this idea! It was a great way for them to share their hearts with others and also give back in a meaningful way.

This is the Surguine’s. So thoughtful, joyful and a couple with which you’d want to be close. 

Photographing their wedding day and getting to know them throughout these past few months has been–you guessed it–such a JOY, and I wish them the best! 


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