Bell Tower Chapel & Garden Wedding | Zach & Julie

June 7, 2017

There’s always a moment in the wedding day where I feel “all in”. I mean, I love wedding days for unique reasons related to each couple, but at some point in the day, I witness a deeper, more meaningful, genuine love that they share. Whether it be when they’re reading a note from one another, during a “first look” or when I see the bride becoming emotional as she’s getting ready and thinking about her groom. 

I LOVE seeing and feeling that emotion with them. For Julie and Zach, it was when they chose to exchange notes and pray with one another before the ceremony. They decided not to see one another, but they shared this moment behind a wall. We took a few pictures while they read their notes and began to pray, but then we stepped away to let them enjoy this moment in private. When they signaled our attention to let us know they were finished, I walked up and said, “you can have a few more–“, and before I even finished, Zach immediately reached his hand out to Julie as if to say, “YES, I want more time with her”. 

All in. 

That was it for me. Zach would take all the time he could to talk with, be with and dance with his bride on his wedding day. 

And the rest of the day was just this for me. It was so real. So joyful. So fun to be a part of such a joyful celebration. 

When I look at these images and envision Julie on her wedding day, I just see her smile from ear to ear. It’s the best, you guys. From the time I saw her at the Omni Hotel where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready to the last dance shared by Zach and her, Julie’s smile was beaming. I’m willing to bet this was the best day of her life, and everything about her demeanor the day of screamed that. 

But of course it would be. Julie was walking down the aisle to the man who makes her smile as big as she can, prays for her and over her and is her best friend. It was a beautiful day with rain early on and partly cloudy skies throughout the rest of the day. The rain stayed at bay for us, and we shared in the newlywed’s joy.

It didn’t matter that the reception was set up inside rather than out, because the dance floor was a hit, and everyone loved celebrating Zach and Julie. But to start, the DJ kicked off the night with a dance contest between pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen who definitely got the crowd laughing, cheering and excited. With Julie’s background in dance, I thought this was so fun and fitting for her reception, as she and Zach cheered and laughed constantly watching their wedding party dance it out against one another. Let’s just say if I were out there, I would have definitely crossed my fingers for “Twist & Shout”! 🙂 

I loved that Julie’s joy added to her bridal beauty, and I loved how incredibly content she was in Zach’s arms. I couldn’t have photographed a more genuine, loving and sweet couple as I did this past Saturday–it was a treat to meet and get to know these two! 


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