Marriage Mondays | One Regret: A Tip to All Brides on Their Wedding Day & Beyond

June 26, 2017


A million times yes to this post. Do I wish I had done this? Yes. I had the same plan as Elie: try so hard to be “present” on my wedding day, because everyone says how quickly it goes by. So why didn’t I write my feeling and memories down!? Elie, a sweet friend of mine and lead proposal planner for The Yes Girls, shares a simple piece of advice to brides-to-be or anyone who wants to save memories and relive them in a way other than in pictures. 


One Regret: A Tip to All Brides on Their Wedding Day & Beyond

My wildest dreams could not have compared to my wedding day. Sure the flowers looked great, sure the lighting was spectacular, but the pure joy that was bursting out of my heart (and that was apparent in the eyes of all my favorite people in the world who celebrated with us) was just indescribable. People always told me to try and soak in every minute of our wedding day. I heard the same thing every bride does, “it goes by so fast so just enjoy it”. And I took that advice very seriously! I was super aware of each passing minute; I was calm and I was really being intentional about living the moment to it’s fullest.

And it worked! I sat sipping coffee with my mom two days later glowing and beaming about how proud I felt to remember so much of it so clearly! I was not the normal bride who would forget their wedding day – praise God! But as the days and weeks and months have past, it has slowly slipped away. Here I sit a little over a year into our marriage and I can confidently say that I hardly remember the wedding day at all.  So this is where my tip comes in: write it down!

On our honeymoon, we spent seven days laying on the beach or at the pool just relaxing and sunbathing. We listened to music and we people watched. But I wish we had taken some of that cabana time to journal. Aaron (my husband) could have written down some of his memories from the morning with his guys. I could have written an entire novel of memories, and who was there, all of it! But now it’s too late, and our wedding memories are few and far between (thank God for pictures & videos – am I right?!).

As we continue into the next phases of marriage, I do want to start journaling together. The days that seem mundane and to run together, will be just memories once we have kids and enter into new seasons. Our time right now, just the two of us in a cramped apartment with minimal responsibilities, will come to a close. Our marriage is so fresh and so exciting and I want to capture this sweet time in a journal to look back on! And heck, maybe our kids will want to read them one day too (lets be serious, probably only true if we have girls). There will always be memories (both good and bad) at every stage of our marriage and it’s my mission to do a better job of capturing those memories!

With all that said, here is your little tip to take home: make a regular date out of it! It can be a yearly thing where you sit down on your anniversary and reflect on the best memories from that year. Or it can be more regular than that! Either way, enjoy some quality alone-time with your love one and journal. It will totally be worth it 🙂 


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