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September 7, 2017

So you’re finally getting the hang of this “shooting in manual” thing.

You’re starting to become familiar or confident with guiding and posing.

Finding the light is either a) stressful or b) becoming easier.

And you’re working hard to steady this balancing act known as “photography”.

Yes, I know.

If you’ve picked up a camera and desired to capture moments around the house, your friend’s engagement session just for fun or that stellar shot from your vacation, you’ve maybe realized that, “oh, there’s more than just clicking a shutter”, right?!


But, would you believe me if I told you that it doesn’t always have to feel so daunting? That it could one day become like second nature to you? Like how it feels to ride a bike or play music. I actually can’t vouch with that third one, because I don’t know how to read or play music, BUT I imagine it’s the same concept!!

This is one thing I’ve thought about the past couple years is how second nature it feels to 1) adjust my camera settings 2) be confident with my lighting choice for my subjects and 3) compose and find flattering backgrounds and angles.

Before I go any further, I do want to say that one of my favorite aspects of photography is that it’s a never-ending journey. There’s seriously always something new to learn, try or capture. With that being said, I think the best encouragement to myself or anyone is to humble yourself and always be open to learning something new, seeing new perspectives through your lens and challenging yourself in all of the above. It’s an exciting thrill to challenge yourself with such a creatively-rich, people-blessing, career-potential hobby.

So now that we’re all on the same page and agree how memory-enriching, head-scratching and creatively-quenching photography is, I want to invite you in on a new series that I’m starting for those of you subscribed to my newsletter. If you aren’t part of the fam, no worries, here you go!

I want to invite you into this series where I’ll be sharing what you should look for when you don’t know what to look for. We’ll be sharing half of our 15 (and potentially growing) topics on our blog and the other half in our newsletter.    

For example, after you’ve mastered your settings, chosen your lighting and posed your clients, you may not think to consider that tree directly behind your subject. Oops! Didn’t realize that you may have stood in just the right spot to unfortunately make it sprout from your subject’s head. But who thinks of that when they’re in their first couple years of business or hobby?! I didn’t, if I’m being honest! These are the tips that I’m going to begin sharing in each of my newsletters leading up to the launch of our video edition of The Capture Course the beginning of mid October.

Wait, did you catch that? I just dropped my big news:


So to those of you who are like, “Wait, rewind! How do I shoot in manual? What camera do I even need? Or “finding light” is even a thing!?” Yes, when I first picked up my camera to photograph my roommates’ engagement session to find that my pictures didn’t look like the ones I’d screen-shotted on my phone, I began researching. Began feeling the weight. And began my never-ending journey with photography. For those of you who are somewhere in the beginning, middle or end of this, I have the fix for you…

We have filmed a video recording of me teaching you how to shoot in manual, how to find the light and all of the things to look for that you don’t know to look for (included in this series), and it’ll become available to YOU come mid October!

So stay tuned and enjoy this series on my newsletter which will lead up to the launch! If you’re interested in the online course, drop your email below. 

I hope I can help shed light to this creative, life-giving blessing of a hobby/career and open some doors for you! I can’t wait to be a piece of your journey!




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