The Capture Course | November 5th in Richardson

October 11, 2017

We’re in full swing with busy season over here, and we’re keeping afloat! It’s honestly been really sweet seeing how the Lord has provided helpers, whether it be amazing second shooters or the sweetest babysitters to help watch Luke while I get a couple of hours in to edit and answer emails. 

And on top of that, Jordan and I are trying really hard to implement weekly (ish) date nights, because…THEY HELP amidst the craziness!! 

Anyway, with that being said, we’re also in the middle of launching The Capture Course, which will be available to you to purchase online and watch from the comfort of your home sometime THIS MONTH! We had high-hopes of launching mid-October, but with last minutes tweaks and additions to the video, it may be closer toward the end of October. But hold on! 

I promise I have the key to helping you capture what you love and are proud of with that camera you have in your hand! 😉 

This online course is not to be confused with The Capture Course that takes place LIVE in our living room!! We’re hosting the second course on Sunday, November 5th, and we still have a few seats left! We’re planning for the class to last between 2-5 PM so that way we can utilize the natural light outside to explain different light and how to find/use it. 

So with that being said, if you’re free and would love to learn how to shoot in manual using natural light to capture your family, images for your blog, start a side hustle or just take stellar photos while traveling, The Capture Course will leave you equipped! We also include “the 15 things to look for that you don’t know what to look for”, which are tips to begin implementing once you’ve become comfortable photographing in manual and using natural light. 

I’m telling you, THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS to think about when you pick up a camera. So I hope to make it a step-by-step process and start with the mail goals: photograph in manual and find/use natural light. The rest of these tips are extras! 🙂 

Snag one of the last seats here! 

If you’re not able to make it to Richardson, then our online course is going to be AMAZING for so many of you who are separated by miles!! You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to capture your kiddos candid moments, so just leave your email below, and you’ll be the first to know! 

And lastly, if you’re just know hearing about The Capture Course, you definitely want to catch up on our “what to look for series”, so click on the blog links below to enjoy some reading with your morning coffee or your evening scroll before bed! I’d love to make you feel confident in capturing what matters most to you! 

Hey, I’d love to know what that is–what matters most to you?


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