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December 11, 2017


It sure has been a while since the blog has seen anything personal other than weddings and engagements! Which have, by the way, been absolutely amazing. And by amazing, I mean, I have left each and every one of them with my cup feeling full. Even if it started out close to empty, I left feeling so rejuvenated and feeling blessed to have met, spent time with and photographed the people who were in front of my camera. The fall season is always our busiest time of year (or close runner up to summers), and it proved to be just that. 

While I really don’t pride myself in answering, “good, but busy!” when people ask how I’ve been, I also know that I was wired to go, go, go and do, do, do. Though, I am still trying to figure out what my own personal convictions are when it comes to self care, serving/working and spending time with my family. Anybody else who has walked through this season of being entrepreneurial mommy is welcome to shed their wisdom and light! 😉 But for now, I’m learning as the seasons change and truly trying to savor the moments and pick the lessons out when I can. 

Sometimes, I do just stop and hope I’m feeling all the feelings when Luke is doing something new or making me so happy that I cry. And it happens a LOT. We say all too much how blessed we are to have Luke and what a sweet boy he is. If I’m not careful, I can almost lie to people and say that he slept through the night from day 1, because that’s what life has felt like, looking back on it. BUT. It is a lie! That obviousy didn’t happen, and there were many tiring nights. It’s just crazy how we don’t remember the difficult times, because the sweetest, by far, trumps it. I don’t want to forget this season! 

So while our schedules struggle to have any true rhythm with Jordan being a nurse and me a photographer, our little family is trying to figure it out! And while this past season showed us some of the sweetest highs and some sorry lows, we know that with more intentionality mixed with grace, we can continue figure that out for us! 

We know that attempted weekly date nights is sweet for us. We know that addressing conflict is always better than not. We know that family walks can’t not result in sweetness. We know that this baby boy brings the most indescribable joy to our lives than we’ve ever earthly experienced. And we know that regardless of what other truths there are, we are blessed. 

So while mommy, wife, photographer and The Capture Course have taken first seat, my blogging has unfortunately taken the back burner! I most definitely have not forgotten about my Marriage Mondays series, but to honest, I felt convicted that I was spending so much time organizing the marriage posts for my own blog when I was too busy for my own. SO. Yes, I do still have ideas and blogs, but when they’ll start up again? I’m being more prayerful! To be announced later! 😉 

As far as catching up with the blog, I have SO many LOVELY sessions that I cannot WAIT to share with you all soon! We’re trying out a new schedule with childcare for Luke after the New Year to establish a little more rhythm and help with my work, so I can try to be 100% mommy in the moment and 100% working; we’ll see how helpful that is! 

But what I have been doing these past few months is being mommy to Luke: watching him learn how to walk, imitating new words, being SO silly; Jordan and I have had fun organizing, decluttering and decorating our home more with Christmas lights, another guest room and little odds and ends; I’ve tried to savor spending sweet time with family, doing some traveling, hosting showers and photographing for friends who have just had babies or are expecting; and I’ve had to be extra creative with sacrificing sleep and other things so that I can keep up with all of the editing this fall has demanded of me so that couples can have their photos as quickly as I like to edit! Oh, what a season! But I am so thankful for it! 

But you guys, how in the world is our baby boy ONE year old on Thursday?! (12-14-16)

In honor of his birthday week, enjoy 25% OFF The Capture Course through Sunday! 

We celebrated him this past weekend with his Polar Express birthday party, and I’ll share more from that later in the week, because it MADE MY HEART SO HAPPY! Seeing him having fun, having so many loved ones coming together and just enjoying the planning and creating process in general. After my parents leave tomorrow, I’m back to work and have two BEAUTIFUL weddings to blog for you all! 

Wishing you all such a merry, bright and warm time with the ones you love right now! 

Below are some precious, precious pictures I’ll never forget–our family the week before Luke turned 1 year old. He may have only wanted to be down and walking, but we managed to tickle and cuddle that wiggle worm! I’ll remember that Jordan and I had a date night afterward to the Shane & Shane + Phil Wickham concert at DBU, and it was PERFECT. I’ll remember that, at the moment, we felt like we had somewhat of a grasp on our fast (don’t want to say “busy”), full of adventure life. We laughed that we only had time for Taco Cabana before the concert, ate in the car….but enjoyed us some delicious donuts at a new bakery after! 

Thank you Chandler Grace for these!! 


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