How to Stand Out in a Saturated City {Part 2}

March 9, 2018

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1.     Update your website/make a promo video

2.     Talk about your side hustle with others; don’t be shy

3.     Search for your tribe and connect with them

In my first post, you learned a little about my genesis with photography, how we seamlessly executed our move to Dallas from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Now, I might add that Jordan and I were both working full time when we moved to Dallas—Jordan as an ICU nurse and me as a speech pathologist in the Richardson ISD.  While it was the busiest time in my life working two fulltime jobs, the hustle was worth it. It allowed wedding photography to be a blessing and not a burden after working in the schools for 1 year.

I shared how I marketed my business by offering free sessions before we moved, offering an unforgettable, loving client experience as soon as I came in contact with couples and tagging them on Facebook.

So in this post, I’m going to share a little more about the logistics.

One thing I knew was that I obviously needed to update my social medias and website. I made sure to change my location to Dallas, TX and update my website with the best images I thought would speak to and stand out against other talented photographers in the areas. Because we all know, there’s incredible talent in Dallas.

So I thought about it and decided that a promo video would be an incredible way to stand out when brides look at my website. I knew that if others could see ME, see how I interacted with clients behind the camera and saw my heart behind my business in the form of a video, not just a bio on my website—that. That would help me stand out in this new city. It was personal. And not common for websites.

Our friends from When It Clicks did an outstanding job creating a promo video for me that showed all of this–my light-hearted, joyful personality, my excitement and lack of talking during a photo shoot and the couple being photographed, laughing and showing off their love. I felt as though this was one way that I could stand out amongst the many other websites that didn’t offer a more personal touch.

And I have to say: many people who have booked my services, said they booked because they liked seeing who I was in my promo video. And these couples who booked because of that? They’re ideal. Our personalities match so easily, and it’s a fluid, fun experience for both of us.

Secondly, this might sound too simple, but I honestly struggled to do this at first when we moved: SIMPLY TELL OTHERS WHAT YOU DO.

I know, it’s too complex right? NO!! I’m going to give just a few examples of ways I booked clients by way of this:

·       I hung out with some of Jordan’s coworkers and when they asked what I did, I told them about my day job as an SLP and my side hustle of wedding photography—I received inquiries and have booked weddings because of this.

·       I met brides at Circle Seven Five, an organization that allows Dallas girls to network, connect and explore the city together.

·       I was slow to do this, BUT I shared my side hustle with the people I worked with in my schools—I have since photographed family members of coworkers AND coworkers themselves!

·       Bachelor watching hang outs—I’ve booked sessions from simply sharing what I do with people I’ve met from hanging out and watching the Bachelor at friend’s houses. I mean…it’s the simplest, unplanned moments, y’all!

So the next time you’re in a group and someone asks what you do, don’t be hesitant to say what your day job and your side hustle is—in a sentence. It doesn’t even have to be a sales pitch. You’d be surprised how far this goes.

Lastly, I can remember searching Dallas Facebook groups for photographers who I felt had a similar look to mine, a similar faith as mine and desire to connect with others in the area. I simply reached out via email or Facebook message explaining how I was moving to Dallas and would love to grab coffee and simply connect to learn more about them. I made two sweet friends who I still keep up with today and oftentimes refer out weddings to them when I’m unavailable. The friendships are fun, and the connection, support is helpful!

Next, I’ll talk about comparison and how it doesn’t have to beat you down. I’m sharing from experience, y’all! It’s my favorite post of the 4 in this series!

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