Our Lucas Brent Turns 15 Months

March 16, 2018

Our Lucas Brent turned 15 months this week, and with all of this beautiful warm, sunshine-y weather lately, I put my camera in the stroller before we headed to the park! 

I loved capturing what our mornings oftentimes look like these days so that I can remember this fun, adventurous personality of his! BOY, is he FUN! He goes hard. Falls hard. Laughs hard. 

It makes it hard for this mama to let him keep growing up….but it just keeps getting better!

When I look back and remember Luke at 15 months I want to remember:

-How sweet of a spirit he has. He hugs everyone, and it makes me melt.

-How curious of a spirit he has. He is always watching what we’re doing and wanting to help or copy. It seems as though he likes to figure out and see how things work (NO idea who he got that from…?! 😉 #davenportmen)

-How adventurous of a spirit he has. He’s all in 100%, blowin’ and a’goin’. I always hear comments about how sturdy and agile he is for his age, and I’m like…yep, oh, we movin’… 😉

-How SILLY of a spirit he has. Oh boy–we crack up on the daily and never know what’s coming next!

-How energetic of a spirit he has. pretty sure he has much of his mama in him–but I can hang, boy!  oh, I can hang! for now at least! 

-How social of a spirit he has. When he walks into a room or is around new people, I’ve noticed that the first 5-10 minutes, he’s reserved and shy–checking out the situation. After that point, he’s confident and on-the-go! Where’s the party mom!? 

-How loving of a spirit he has. He’s basically obsessed with babies and almost can’t contain his excitement when he sees one. Like babies, he’ll often come up to us and just stroke our faces or hug us so sweetly. I melt. Into a big puddle. (Though, in his energetic moods, we can get some excited-slapping. It’s a thing. And we’re thankful that at the moment he listens when we teach him “no” and to say “sorry” but patting afterword. I hope it lasts/sticks!)

-And lastly, how handsome he is. I know every mom says that about their babe, but I just think he’s so dang CUTE!

Luke, we love you Bubba! Your daddy and I literally tell each other this everyday. We’re so thankful the Lord entrusted us with you! It’s a literal GIFT!!! 

If you want to be confident capturing candids of the moments you don’t want to miss, you need to join many others in my spring photo challenge–because let’s be real–WE’RE ALL OUTSIDE AND LOVING IT RIGHT NOW! Wishing you the the best and hoping you capture it all!!


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