Hidden Pines Chapel Spring Wedding | Shawn & Amanda

March 29, 2018


Where do I even begin with the Echols wedding!?

It was not only just such a relaxed, smooth, lovely day, but that dance floor was another LEVEL of celebration! I don’t think one person wasn’t killing it on the dance floor; and I don’t just mean swaying side to side—I mean: killin’ it. It was a party!

Shawn & Amanda have so much friends and family who love them and showed this love to them in different ways throughout their wedding experience: through Shawn’s stepdad officiating the wedding, learning more about them during the toasts and simply just seeing everyone so deeply excited for their friends.   

SUCH a party!

SUCH a lovely day!

SUCH a FUN group of people!

I don’t think I’ve ever actually laughed as much as I did during wedding party pictures, because the groomsmen couldn’t hold in their dance moves, the ladies were full of sweet laughter and smiles, and Shawn and Amanda—ah! All the heart eyes!

They chose to do a “first look” in the chapel, because the light was plentiful, the chapel was lovely and the wind wasn’t our favorite option outside. As you can see—Shawn was blown away in the sweetest and fun way. I LOVED his reaction. There was no hesitation in spinning his bride ‘round and ‘round to take in her exquisite gown.

I mean, me too Shawn! I thought Amanda was absolutely gorgeous, and her wedding dress seemed liked it was just designed for HER. It was so stunning and so perfect for her. And the portraits that followed were some of my most favorite I’ve ever taken on a wedding day.

They were so easy, natural and just flowed so seamlessly—which is why there’s almost an endless amount! And I even culled my favorites for the blog!  They’re just too pretty! 😉 I mean…amiright!?

Shawn and Amanda, it was seriously an honor and total BLAST to celebrate with you two!! Biggest HUGS!


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