The LAUNCH DAY of The Capture Course 2.0!

August 9, 2018

AHH! It’s launch day!

Guys, there have been a whole lot of hopes, goals and ideas these past several months as I’ve refined The Capture Course to consist with what I feel like any beginner photographer would need to understand how to use their first camera. Because this is SO important to me. I truly don’t want to just put a course out there to…put it out there. I want to believe it’s just what YOU need and just what YOU can use to catapult you forward.

Stop for a second. Let’s talk about “forward”. What is this to you?? Are you somebody who:

-Wants to use their camera to capture life around them?

-Wants to be able to save and frame your own photography for your walls from your own travels?

-Wants to say “good-bye” to that job you HATE and go toward a more flexible, creative outlet that can allow you to be home more often?

-Wants to simply use their camera to photograph your own products or images for your blog?

-Wants to learn how to use their camera simply because you’re the creative type who’s energized by learning and diving into new creative outlets?

You know you’re one of these! Which one are you? Do yourself a favor: steal one of the above and make it more specific to YOU. Are you a mom who wants to take high quality photos of her children as they grow and in turn, gift them with precious frames made by your kiddos to grandparents? It’s possible.

What can you expect to learn from the course?  

1.    to learn how to use your camera and use natural light

2.    to watch and rewatch videos at your own speed and in the comfort of your living room or your favorite coffee shop (even squeeze it in during nap time!)

3.    almost 2 hours of targeted instruction

4. A PDF of 15 look-fors when you’re shooting


(and it’s available to the already-enrolled photogs, YES!

There are many additions, and the best part is: THE PRICE IS STAYING THE SAME.

So you get all these goodies without an increase in price. WOOT!

*I filmed two additional videos that I felt like would be helpful to the amateur photographer headed outside to use their knowledge of ISO, shutter speed and my personal favorite, aperture. Both videos are around 10 minutes long and FULL of tips to help boost your awareness and confidence when photographing.

            Understand + Nail Backlighting

            How to find + use natural reflectors for better light

*And if you weren’t sure that the skill of photography was a beneficial one, I’m including ways for you to make cash using your camera!

*You’ll also get a HOW TO SHOOT IN MANUAL Cheat Sheet to have in front of you as you work through the class. Visual learner? #igetyou

If you’re sitting there with your new camera + the kit lens, then you definitely don’t want to miss this freebie here where I explain what you don’t know about your kit lens. It’ll help get you started with a 5-minute video, visual examples and what you need to know to start out with success!

The Capture Course CHANGES

Now, along with the additions, there is also an adjustment: the course will no longer be available for enrollment year-round. Instead, there will be specific times during the year where you can enroll. My hope for this adjustment is that when you enroll, you feel like you’re supported through 4 scheduled Facebook Lives that will take places following the closing of the course. You will have the opportunity to submit photos to Lindsay for review on focus, composition and camera settings.

I want you to say goodbye to being CLUELESS with your camera and letting memories pass you by.

You CAN confidently capture the moments that give you #allthefeels in a way that bottles it up forever!


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