How to Display What Matters in Prints Around Your Home

January 17, 2019

Okay, this post is going to give me all the warm and fuzzies.

Let me first start out by saying that this is SO MY PERSONALITY.

At my core, I thrive and desire connection with others, and I hope my home feels cozy, warm and inviting. While I have had much inspiration from Emily Ley’s book “A Simplified Life”, one of the ways that I feel like I’m able to do this is by displaying my prints around my home.

And while cozy and warm are two words that you’d coin my home, “formal” would probably not be. With that being said, I LOVE the informality and matte-finish of Artifact Uprising’s everyday print sets. These prints come in square (4×4, 5×5) or traditional sizes (4×6, 5×7, etc.), white frame or no frame, and their cardstock-like, high quality finish leaves them sturdy and with so much character—easy to display all around your home or file away in tubs. As a professional photographer, I admit that the color is not 100% true to my edit, BUT that’s their style, and quite frankly, I don’t mind it one bit. It prints slightly darker than my true edit, but the quality of this unique-type of print is too fun.

I think these prints make the perfect prints for around your home, though one of their large format prints may be of nicer, more formal quality for a wedding or engagement shower. It depends on your style, but for my home, I love the everyday prints.

In this post, I’m going to share and show you how and where I print, frame and display the best memories of my life.

And you better believe that every time I open my fridge, brush my teeth, pour my coffee or walk through my living room, I’m reminded of the better things in life—my memories with the ones I love.

Wouldn’t you like this daily reminder, as well?

A few years ago, I ordered my first 4×4 set of Artifact Uprising prints. I selected to order 50 photos that basically summarized the high points of my college years + photos with the people I loved. While some were “professional”, may were not. I took them with my professional camera, but the settings were very much so candid. And I honestly love the mixture of the two around my home.

Perfect? No. Candid? Some of them. Precious? All of them.

It was then that I started ordering prints from all of the most memorable times throughout the year every December—Luke’s first haircut, first birthday party, when our friends were in town, trips, Arboretum adventures, etc. Now, I totally realize that not everybody uses a DSLR camera for their everyday photos—and I don’t either. I use my iPhone for a lot. BUT I do photograph a lot of special moments and candids with my camera, and those are the ones you see printed on higher-quality prints. (I print my iPhone photos through Chatbooks)

I cringe at the idea that our legacies may taper off from photograph-form because of the digital age.

I cringe imagining that our kids won’t have the option to pull out physical photographs of the everyday—the people who were there for them from the beginning and the memories they shared.

My Favorite Prints

Artifact Uprising has been my go-to for my own personal prints for the past few years, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. 😉

1) As you can see, I have ordered many rounds of “everyday print sets” , and I have found many ways to display them.

2) I also have found that I love printing one large format birthday photo of Luke to frame in our kitchen, and so far we’re two years in going strong. 😉 The 3 black frames that are mounted to our living room wall in our gallery display are from IKEA, and those 2 landscape pictures from Canada are also large format Artifact uprising prints.

3) And lastly, the larger print of Jordan and I on the train tracks in front of the Atlantic Ocean in Canada (ahhhh) (directly above) is an Ultra Thick Signature Print that may be my faaaaavorite. It is what it sounds like—thick, almost canvas-like to smooth away imperfections and nail the overall warm and cozy feel of my home. This photo was actually taken with our drone, so while the megapixels weren’t as high as our DSLR camera, it doesn’t matter as much, because the print is textured-matte and oh-so-dreamy.

Where to Display & How

1) I need to put in another order for Jordan to make these wooden block print displays, because these are what I LOVE spreading around our house in the following areas as sweet reminders:

  1. by our coffee maker

  2. on our kitchen window sill

  3. on our end table in the living room

  4. on our bathroom counter tops

  5. next to our keys

  6. on each of our night stands

  7. maybe I put a picture of myself in Jordan’s visor… (lololol)

  8. keep a stash in your car as a personal reminder

  9. in geometric displays (scroll down)

  10. and of course, gifting to grandparents! 😉

You can easily change out the photos by simply sliding them in and out, and the type of print is sturdy to stand upright and display so creatively and beautifully.

2) My next order for Jordan to make are these brass or wood display boxes. When you end up with 50+ 5×5 prints or 50+ 4×4 prints, being able to house them all in one place is functional and fun—guests can easily pick up and flip through the stack, easy-peasy. Trust me—this happens even if we don’t have them displayed in this box!

And maybe my last order would be their wooden photo ledge to display more of my everyday print sets.

I also plan to make my own walnut magnets with Jordan’s scrap wood so that I can continue to display our everyday prints on our fridge—instead of these colorful ones. (Another idea is to use washi tape—thanks Emily Ley!)

I JUST LOVE THIS. It’s so simple. So easy. And so meaningful. Yes, it can look cluttered if you allow it, but it can also look intentional and welcoming. I decided this just makes me feel warm inside. Do what feels best for you as you display memories.

I also have simply just spread out my photos on window sills as decor—and this is what people oftentimes browse through.

I bought these geometric displays at Michael’s last year, and then I thought, “Welp, this would be perfect for prints!” I even have a stack of them sitting in another display by our front door.

See how cute and simple it is next to our coffee maker?! But it makes the biggest difference.

As you can see some of my ideas displayed below, I hope you find inspiration to not just take pictures—but print them. It’s amazing how much more your house will feel like a home and how being reminded of the people and memories in your life will bring you simple, meaningful gratitude daily.

That my biggest hope for you all: to be reminded of these joys so that you can prioritize the people, be thankful for the memories and move forward in active gratitude in a house that feels like home.

Do you have any other creative ways of displaying your prints? Please, do share!

  1. Emily says:

    I have made chatbooks before and used their prints, but I will have to check out the ones from Artifacts Uprising! I love having photos displayed around the home. Do you have any recommendations for how to display along stair walls? I have a big space that I want to put photos on, but struggle with how much is too much.

    • Lindsay Davenport says:

      I’ve made chatbooks too! I LOVE Artifact Uprising–you won’t be disappointed! 🙂 Ya know, we don’t have stairs, but the best advice I feel like I can give right now is to browse pinterest 😉


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