Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session | Daniel + Caroline

April 16, 2019

Talk about all the blooms, green and loooove! Caroline and Daniel’s Dallas Arboretum engagement session is one for the books! Hello gorgeous color and spring blooms!!

We’ve been planning their session for several months now, and I was SO excited when I was not only her turn, but the weather was PERFECT. The Arboretum was at it’s PRIME. And she and Daniel were just the SWEETSET!

Throughout their session, I kept saying, “oh Caroline, you will LOVE this!” [because I was freeeeaking out myself]

And I only knew it, because the past several months, she’s been commenting on previous sessions that she adored. I felt like I knew HER and knew JUST what she was wanting because of her interaction with my DMs! Hehe! LOVED it and LOVED that it was the perfect day weather-wise and bloom-wise for her and her man!

They make such a beautiful, such a sweet and such a FUN couple to photograph!

During their session, I might have slammed the palm of my hand into a staple sticking out of a tree, and they immediately reverted to “take-care-of-Lindsay” mode and made sure I was a-okay–I WAS! But it was just truly so sweet to see how they reacted and were so loving.

We finished the rest of their session out strong, and I’m pretty sure Caroline’s sweet smile when Daniel nuzzles her is about enough to scream, “I LOVE HIM” to anyone who sees it!

I can’t wait for their wedding next April!!






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