Amy & Jordan Workshop | Scottsdale, AZ

April 11, 2015

Encouraging. Educational. Life-breathing. Humbling. Fun. Perfect. These are only a few of the positive words that come to mind when I think of the Amy & Jordan Workshop. I fear that I’m not going to be able to articulate how beneficial and inspirational this workshop was for me. Like when you attend a mission trip and you want to badly to explain how impacting it was for you; it almost seems impossible. That is how this workshop felt for me. In an educational-sense, a spiritual-sense and a inspirational-sense, as well. 

 Photo by Amy & Jordan 

Photo by Amy & Jordan 

For months I’ve been hoping to attend a wedding photography workshop, because I felt that for where I was with our business and experience, I needed it. I needed a workshop to fill in the cracks. I needed one to breath some life into me. I needed one to remind me of my purpose in photography. 

Not only did we dive into all-things photography, (because we DEFINITELY covered that!), but we dove into even more important aspects of our businesses, like our purposewhy we do it. And that’s when I knew I had attended the right, most-fitting workshop for us and our business. From their order of the priorities in life, to Dave Ramsey influencing their business and to their “why” of their service, I chose the right photographers to pour into me! Whew, like 10x over!

Not only that but Amy & Jordan are incredible teachers. Like incredible.  Going into the workshop I expected that they would probably be easy to learn from with their background in teaching, but my expectations were definitely exceeded, which was awesome. I’m semi-distractable and they had me tuned in and taking notes like nobody’s business! As they taught, I jotted down questions I had to ask them at the end of the workshop. At the end of the last day, they had literally answered ALL of my questions throughout their 20+ hours of coaching. Now that is legit. 

The workshop started Sunday evening as we all met for ice cream and mingled. Monday marked day 1 where we turned on our listening ears and note-taking skills from 9:30-8:30. We dove into lighting, posing, composition, white balance, post-processing, off-camera flash, and exposure to name a few. We took what we learned and applied it to a styled shoot that took place right in our “classroom”. And can I just say that the wedding planner, florist, and calligrapher killed it? The amount of flowers they carted in was UNREAL. And I got to take pictures of it!

Not to mention, our models were perfect! They were perfect not only in their appearance, but perfect in that their love shone through more dominantly than their looks. And if you take a look here below, they are a pretty beautiful couple, no!? What’s fun is that they’re also a husband and wife photography team out of Arizona. I’m excited to continue following them and their journeys and successes!  

Tuesday, the second full day, may have been my favorite day. It was favorite day, because we tied in all of the technical things with the things that matter: our clients, our interaction with them and our purpose in wedding photography. Plus, we touched on marketing, branding, and social media stuff which I tend to geek out on too! We put in a 15 hour day, because Amy & Jordan had so much to share with us. Not only that but they genuinely cared about us enough to offer unlimited question time at the end of their workshop. How late did I stay? Oh….until midnight! But I completely believe them when they say that to them, that time is life-breathing. Even though they had to be exhausted, they cared enough to continually be excited about our future and questions we had. And so I left feeling pretty exhausted (as were they!!), but so full of life. So full of inspiration, joy, guidance, and purposeful dreams. 

I am confident that I couldn’t have attended a more fitting, inspirational and educational workshop. Every night Jordan would ask what I learned, and it was total word vomit. I learned 482047 things, but I was also reminded of ideas and able to form or articulate future dreams of mine. I learned so many time-saving tricks, because one thing I’ve learned while balancing grad school and photography, is that time is money, precious and scarce. Their workflow is so efficient, and their drive is inspiring. 

 Photo by Amy & Jordan 

Photo by Amy & Jordan 

Can I also give a shout out to all of these incredible photographers, as well!? Everyone of them was so full of life and encouraging. And by Facebook creeping them, it’s evident how talented they are, as well! Networking is the best. I’m so thankful for it and for meeting each and every one of them. I can’t wait to see what successes will come in their business post workshop! 

 Photo by Amy & Jordan 

Photo by Amy & Jordan 

Now, to continually be reminded of my “why” even when the busyness of life sweeps me off my feet! Now, to put into use all of the gold nuggets they shared with us. Now, to continue on with this life-breathing passion! 

Now, to continually keep trying to share everything I learned with Jordan… Our 2 hour Coldstone date with the playbook in hand will have to suffice for now! 😉 

Happy weekend, y’all! 


 Photo by Amy & Jordan

Photo by Amy & Jordan

  1. The purpose of arranging workshops is to make good sense of positive relations among different people so that they can make our society strong.


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