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June 4, 2015

I had this idea. This idea that somehow past brides & grooms could encourage and share their joy and wisdom with future couples and others who click to open the blog posts on Fridays. Now I can’t claim this idea fully, because even though I had the desire, I didn’t know how to fully execute itMy business/creative/blogger/encouraging buddy Jessica Paxson and I were walking in Uptown Dallas last week when she shared this idea with me. The idea that I can feature past couples on my blog, and they can share the funny, the real, the advice they feel is appropriate for those planning weddings and more importantly diving into marriages. An interview basically. 

As a wedding photographer, it’s so much more to Jordan and me than just documenting a wedding day. We hope to not only document the undeniable joy, presence of family and friends and labor of love put into the wedding day, but we hope to create relationships with our couples. Relationships that can continue on after the wedding day. We are on their team. Being married ourselves, we understand that support and wisdom is a huge blessing in this crazy adventure, and we want to provide that to our couples. So….we created Featured Fridays! 

We’re letting past couples who have anywhere from a few months to a year of marriage under their belts share with all of you! The first couple we featured is the McGuires. Spencer and Ali married nearly a year ago on July 26th at the Farm and Ranch Museum. Their wedding was beautiful, and their interview is the perfect post to kick off the features! We ourselves were encouraged!! Enjoy and share with any engaged ladies who are planning not only a wedding but a marriage!  

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

The first look, definitely. Spencer’s nerves had been building and building as the day progressed, but when he saw me (Ali) it was a huge relief. It also was just such a sweet moment to be able to see each other, tell each other how beautiful/handsome the other looked and share an intimate moment together before the ceremony. 

What one piece of advice would you give to a bride & groom planning their wedding right now?

Stay organized, but go with the flow. It’s really important to be on top of everything when planning a wedding because disorganization breeds stress for everyone involved, but it’s also important to go with the flow because not everything will turn out exactly as planned. This is such a sweet season of life-you never get to plan a wedding again! So plan it well, but have fun with it too. 🙂  

Describe one of your favorite dates since you’ve been married? In your home or out on the town?

For Valentine’s Day, Spencer took me to a restaurant in town called The Funky Door. You see, he originally told me that he would cook me a meal at home because eating out on Valentine’s Day gets too crazy.  Not going to lie, secretly I was a little bummed. Well, Spencer ended up surprising me with a reservation at this restaurant I had been dying to go to for weeks! We each indulged in a 5-course meal (dessert + drinks included). YUM. 

What is your favorite meal your spouse makes? Ali? Spencer?

Ali: I LOVE when Spencer grills. Fish, chicken, asparagus, you name it. Deliciousness!

Spencer: My favorite meal that Ali makes is jambalaya. (It’s actually a recipe that was passed down from my (Ali’s) youth minister!) 

Tell me what makes marriage worth fighting for?

Honestly, marriage is an awesome opportunity to know and be intimately known. You share literally everything from finances to the same bed, so you will come to learn everything about each other (good and bad). To know and love someone deeply is so rewarding and absolutely makes marriage worth fighting for. 

Also, marriage is worth fighting for because you know that your spouse will have your back. There may be times that having your back means that your spouse doesn’t side with you on things, because it is not the right thing to do. But during those times, you see (eventually) that your spouse was right, even though you may not admit it, and they were just looking out for what is best for you and your family. This relationship and the promises that are made on your wedding day to be there for each other, in good times and bad, sickness and health, is what makes my marriage worth fighting for. It’s a permanent best friend by your side, who doesn’t want to fight for that?

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received since being married?

While we were on our honeymoon, a friend sent us a blog with some advice (along with adding her own two cents in). The one thing I remember from that advice is to always make an effort to go to bed together. With Spencer working and me being in school, I had just assumed that we wouldn’t go to bed together very often. After that, I made it a point to almost always go to bed at the same time as Spencer, and it’s been awesome. It gives us an opportunity to debrief about our days, do our devotional together, and pray together. Going to bed at the same time is really rewarding!  

What makes you giggle about your spouse?  

Ali: When Spencer is about to tickle me, act like a turd, etc., he always makes a certain face. I know what’s coming so I almost immediately start giggling when I see the little hidden smirk on his face. 

Spencer: I am a very light sleeper, so when I feel Ali get out of bed in the middle of the night, only to find out she is sleep walking, makes me giggle. There are times when I let her wander aimlessly around the room, and watch her as she tries to form sentences from words that don’t belong together. Then there are times when all she does is jumps out of bed, throws open the curtains, then violently jumps back into bed. That definitely makes me giggle.

What piece of advice would you share with a future husband and wife?

Jump into a bible study/devotional together right away. It’s a little awkward at first, but it just opens the door to sharing struggles and victories; and it continually reminds you that you guys are on the same team, fighting the good fight together. 

Thanks so much Ali and Spencer! 




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