Davenports Travel | Roadtrip First Leg: Nashville/Franklin, TN

June 9, 2015

Oh, Nashville, we love you. Jordan and I set off for Nashville early on our anniversary morning. Two year anniversary morning, that is. We woke up at 4:45 only to discover we were headed to the wrong airport. Since when does Delta fly out of Lovefield!? Anyway, we made our flight. I know you were worried. Landed in Nashville to have difficulties renting a car and realized we didn’t know where we were staying that night. I take full blame, because I booked our Nashville nights myself, and well….

I couldn’t find the info. Anywhere on my email. This is one example of how much I realize Jordan and I compliment each other. Basically, he’s a little more organized. Maybe his printed itineraries of the nights he booked….were proof. Anyway, don’t worry. We found the hotel I booked for the first night! And it was at the Gaylord Opryland, which was magical. Jordan thanked me later!

Firstly, we explored some beautiful countryside near Opryland and got out to take pictures, of course. I believe it went something like, “Shut up! Pull over! This is incredible!”

No, really. This happened a few times.

We loved Opryland, enjoyed some massages on our anniversary, split a burger and ended it with some HGTV. It couldn’t have gotten better.

The next day we stopped by the Dave Ramsey show, which was awesome. If you know my husband, you know this was his only request while in Nashvhille. It was granted. We felt so welcomed with our lattes, cupcakes and smiles. It was a good show, and we met the family who was schedule to do their “debt free scream” that day. It was fun using our gear and passion to photograph such a sweet and joyful moment for them as they screamed, “we’re debt freeeee!!” Check back later this week for their full story!

After the show, we drove nearby to a little town called Franklin, which is about 30 minutes outside of Nashville. We fell in love with their downtown, countryside and people—the rolling hills, plantations, quaint old neighborhoods–all of it. We found that we loved simply just driving or walking through the neighborhoods. So we did that, and enjoyed it! 

However, our favorite way to end our evening was at the Listening Room Cafe in downtown Nashville. Brinn, our hostess at the Air BNB we stayed our 2nd and 3rd nights in Nashville, recommended it, and she couldn’t have suggested a better place. The music was INCREDIBLE. Like, it’s another world there, people! Jordan and I loved listening with our favorite drinks we found: cider for me (of course) and Kentucky Bourbon Ale for Jordan. We’re going to miss it! 

Brinn made our stay so lovely, by the way. And she happens to be an incredibly talented musician herself. We wish we could’ve listened to her while we were there! Regardless, we loved our time in Nashville! We dream of shooting a wedding there someday after seeing what we’d have to work with!! 

On our last day, we loooved walking all over the place downtown, at Antique Archaeology, wine tasting, touring Vanderbilt and finishing it off by exploring Franklin just a little more. Actually, we ended it at the Listening Room Cafe just one more time, because the talented musicians there just had us in awe. I honestly miss it. 

Anywho, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking!

Follow our journey and check back soon for the second leg of our trip: Wilmore/Lexington, KY!

  1. Lanae says:

    Oh my goodness! Gorgeous!


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