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June 26, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I began my Featured Friday series where we featured the McGuires. We interviewed them with some fun and serious questions and loved their responses! I truly love the idea of reconnecting with past couples and letting them share with (us!!) future bride and grooms planning their own marriages and weddings. Plus, you if you’ve been following us for a while, they’ll probably look familiar to ya! 😉

So today, we featured Taylor and Lindsey who married last year on May 24th at the Roswell Country Club. Like they’ll tell you, they were surrounded by loved ones who were all so joyful–including us! They just celebrated their one year anniversary, and we’re loving the wisdom they have to share in their interview–as well as hearing the silly things that make them laugh at each other!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Lindsey: I loved my whole wedding day, but one of my favorite memories was getting to greet all of our guests in the receiving line. Standing with our parents, Taylor had a brief chance to meet a lot of my aunts and uncles for the first time and I got to meet some of his family friends for the first time. It was awesome to see how many people truly cared about us, and supported our marriage. It was almost overwhelming how loving and happy everyone was. 

Taylor: I remember standing with Lindsey and looking out on all the people in the audience who were there to watch us get married.  That feeling of being surrounded by so many friends and family all in one place who are there to support you and love you is an extraordinary feeling and a memory I won’t forget.

What one piece of advice would you give to a bride & groom planning their wedding right now?

Lindsey: Hmmm… I think I would tell them to make sure they are planning their marriage, not just their wedding. While wedding plans take up a ton of time, they also take up a lot of conversations. My advice would be to take a date night with your fiancé at least once a week and make a rule to talk about other things… wedding plans are off limits. I mean, you don’t need to be legalistic about it, but make it a point to work on your relationship…because after all, that is the point, right?

Taylor: Always register for the NON-STICK pans! Otherwise, you will hate yourself.

Describe one of your favorite dates since you’ve been married? In your home or out on the town?

Lindsey: Some of my favorite dates since we’ve been married have been the “unplanned dates”. We try to have date nights once a week, but that doesn’t always happen. One of my favorite dates may seem pretty ordinary, however, to me it was really fun. One time we were in the middle of a busy/stressful week, it was Wednesday 8:00 in the evening after a meeting at church when we realized 1) we had to make dinner and 2) we would not be able to have a date night that week. So we decided to just go eat at our favorite Mexican food restaurant. It was almost 9 before we got our food, but it was nice to break the routine and spend quality time with each other in the middle of the week. 

Taylor: I really enjoy biking to the NMSU pool from our house, swimming some laps, and catching some rays before we bike home.

What is your favorite meal your spouse makes? 

Lindsey: Taylor makes a simple meal called “10 can soup” that is so yummy to eat on cold winter days. 

Taylor: Pretty much any recipe she gets from Pinterest is a homerun!

Tell me what makes marriage worth fighting for?

Lindsey: The fact that marriage is a reflection of Jesus’ relationship with His body of believers makes my marriage totally worth fighting for.  In the Bible, Jesus never leaves or forsakes His believers, no matter how many times they mess up. He fights for His bride, and gives His life for her (the believers). Knowing that Jesus would die for me, even though I disappoint Him far more than Taylor could ever disappoint me, makes my marriage worth the fight. Not to mention that Satan hates and tries to destroy everything good. And God made marriage to be good.  God is stronger much more powerful than Satan, therefore, I can rest secure that there is no situation that Taylor and I go through that can break us apart if we are truly seeking God. No matter how much we can hurt each other, God has the power to bring healing. Having that security in God makes me secure in my marriage. 

Taylor: The vows we made to be committed to each other, when life is great and when life sucks, is worth fighting for.

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received since being married?

Lindsey: Always continue to date. It is so true that we need good quality time together every week. The busyness of life gets in the way of quality communication. Date nights are a perfect excuse to hang out and have uninterrupted alone time. 

Taylor: Don’t go to bed angry- especially with the big issues.  Taking some extra time to wrestle through our arguments has been worth the sleep lost in order to prevent resentment and speed the healing process.

What makes you giggle about your spouse?  

Lindsey: Oh there are many things that Taylor does that make me giggle. But one of my favorites comes when I am riding with Taylor on long car rides. When we go on trips Taylor makes me giggle because he mouths the words to all his favorite songs and makes up hand motions to go along. I have my own personal concert, and even though he is being silly, it is very attractive. ☺ 

Taylor: Lindsey’s cute grumpiness in the morning often makes me (silently) giggle.

What piece of advice would you share with a future husband and wife? 

Lindsey: I am no marriage guru, I’ve only been married a year. One thing I have learned in that year is something very simple, but good to remember is to always be honest. Marriage is unique because it is a safe place. It is an environment that should be free from judgement, therefore, it is okay to be honest. Talk about everything, even the awkward stuff. 

Taylor: Never stop being a student of your spouse.


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