Kentucky Anniversary Session | Meg & Sam

August 7, 2015

At the beginning of this summer, we went on a road trip. In the middle of that road trip, we got to spend some fun few days with our dear friends Meg and Sam in Kentucky. They showed us their beautiful Kentucky hills, wooden fences, eateries, church and friends in their little hometown of Wilmore. We had so much fun eating in with them, visiting around their coffee table and going and sight-seeing some neat places in KY. One of the nights we were with them, we ventured off to some land that Sam works on. To me, it was magical. Wooden fences, rolling hills, golden sunlight and a couple who adores one another–all in one? Incredible!

Scrolling through the images, it reminded me of just how sweet their love is. I love the ways Sam makes Meg smile several different ways, and I love the way Meg comfortably fits into his arms when he hugs her tight. In the midst of all of their soft, sweet and romantic moments, laughter was always present. Within the first few minutes of our session with them, I was “attacked” by “bugs”. I made the comment, “goodness, these mosquitos are crazy in Kentucky!” 

……only to find out that my husband had picked a long weed and was poking the back of my neck and legs. Meg and Sam totally went with it, and I believe everyone was laughing….AT ME. But really, we are always laughing with these friends and always having so much fun with them and being encouraged by them. We love them so! 


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