Lens Series | The Third Purchase We Recommend: the 24-70mm 2.8 lens

August 11, 2015




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The next piece of gear we are going to recommend to your photography business is the most versatile lens you could ever want, the 24-70mm 2.8.

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3. The second purchase we feel is important. 

This was actually the second lens we invested it, and we thankfully had the help of my parents on this one. I think we were shocked how expensive this lens was when researching. However, we quickly learned how beneficial it could be, and lately, we use this baby all the time at weddings.

Let me clarify: this lens is excellent for just about anything. It can be a great portrait lens, everyday lens and wedding lens. However, I do not use it for portraits. When I shoot sessions, I choose to only use my 50mm and 85mm (sometimes 35 if I want a wide perspective). If you’re interested in getting into wedding photography, this lens is crucial in our humble opinion! It will also be good to you during portrait sessions; don’t get me wrong! You have such a beauty in its versatile range all the way from wide at 24mm to zoomed at 70mm. Plus, notice the low aperture of 2.8? THAT, my friends, is what makes this lens such an expensive and desirable lens.

“Lazy Lens”

As Jasmine Star calls it, it’s the “lazy lens”, because you can get so many different perspectives without even moving your feet. You can zoom out at 24mm to take a wide shot of the ceremony and zoom in to take a tight shot of the bride and groom at 70mm—all while staying put. While it may be lazy, it’s pretty brilliant. We have been loving it lately.

When I Use It

Like I mentioned above, I don’t use this as a portrait lens anymore, because I prefer prime or fixed lenses. If this is the second lens you buy, rock it all the time! Because we are narrowing our services specifically to wedding photography, much of what I’m going to talk about will be in the context of wedding photography.

There was a time that I thought that I wanted to only use prime lenses for all of my photography, so sadly, our 24-70mm sat in our spare bedroom all alone (insert sad face here). Don’t get me wrong, when we first got this lens, we loved it and used it often. But there was a time period that we just got away from using it until fairly recently. We decided to add it back to our wedding day line up and we were blown away by it all over again. I just can’t seem to figure out why we got away from using the 24-70mm for so long because it is AWESOME. Now I find myself using this lens to shoot a wide perspective of the ceremony or reception, to give just one example. If we are shooting in a tighter ceremony area, I choose to use this lens so that I don’t get myself in a pickle. I don’t want to be shooting too tight with an 85mm or even 50mm when the bride walks down the aisle, because then I won’t have room to back up once she makes it to her groom. For this reason, having the versatility to zoom in and out in a tighter ceremony is wonderful.

Reception Versatility

We also have become best friends with this lens at receptions. I could probably keep this on my camera the ENTIRE reception. From toasts, to cake cutting and dancing, this lens is so ideal in it’s ability to shoot in low light at 2.8 and zoom in and out. I can’t say enough how much I love using this lens at receptions. If I’m using this lens, Jordan might be shooting dancing with the nifty fifty, because remember, it’s versatile too! 😉

The above image was taken at 24mm with the lens zoomed all the way out. I didn’t move my feet or flash settings in either of these two pictures taken this past weekend at the Gonzales’ wedding. 

The image below was taken at 70mm with the lens zoomed in all the way. I love this lens for receptions for this reason exactly: I’m able to get both a wide and tight perspective while being stationary. 

3.2 ISO 1600 1/100

Love this lazy lens

Now, we’ve recommended you initially investing simply: in the 50mm 1.8; next the full frame camera; and thirdly in the 24-70mm 2.8. These three pieces allow you to cover such a range of shots in a variety of lighting and could keep you content for a while.

Next, we’re going to venture into two different prime lenses, the 35mm and the 85mm, that we use for different occasions and different clients. You’re going to have the choice of which is best for you and your desires.

We hope not only your envelopes are growing but that your creativity to grow them is, as well! 


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