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October 13, 2015




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Well, hi there! Folks, it’s been a busy time for the Davenports lately.  For those of you who have been following us, we moved to Dallas, TX from New Mexico about three months ago.  As you can guess, there is a lot of adjusting that comes with moving, but for the most part, it’s all been so much fun for us.  The transition has been easy, because both of us started new jobs that introduced us to so many sweet, inviting friends at work and at various other places. 

We have been so supported by our family, as we have been living with Jordan’s parents since we moved here.  I am completely aware that real life will hit sometime soon, but with all of our juggling acts lately, having his mom prepare home-cooked meals has been like heaven! She’s so talented! Mmm mm! Maybe I’ve learned a lesson or two to carry on over to our household…

Anyway, it’s been crazy! We moved states, started new jobs and have been hit with wedding season…hard. It’s a good hard though, don’t get me wrong! But with all of these new adjustments, it’s meant that blogging has been on the backburner, and some of my hearts favorite pastimes (like reading my favorite photography blogs and creating some of my own myself) have been put on hold.

However, I have a fun and exciting little bit of news to share with you guys, but I’m holding out until sometime later this week to share.  This fun and incredible bit of news is also something that has been adding the best kind of stress to our plates lately! So keep your eyes open for that reveal!

In the meantime, we got the ITCH to begin some DIY projects for a future home that we dream to move into someday!  Jordan and I absolutely love Chip and Joanna in Fixer Upper, so our dream is to find our own fixer upper and make it a home. 

We started with our kitchen table!

With Jordan working night shifts for his new nursing job these days, he has a few days during the week that are completely free. Completely open to his little woodworking, DIY, hands-on heart’s desires. I got a text from him one day saying, “Do you wanna do a project tonight!? Let’s redo our kitchen table!”

Um….sure babe! Yeah, let’s do it! I mean, we’re so bored these days. 😉

I will say that he probably did 85% of it, and I sanded some of the not-so-fun parts and wiped off the stain with a towel!

But anyway, we turned out with a pretty fun, inexpensive new kitchen table for us!! When we’ll be able to use it…we’ll see about that in the future!!

I’ll be sharing a before and after picture soon, but until then….let’s get excited for FALL!

I made a trip to my old stomping grounds of Las Cruces this past weekend and was able to get a little taste of fall. I had a few families in front of my camera for mini sessions, and needless to say, my heart was full! Leaves, 60-degree weather and some cheerful smiles! 

What are you most excited for? 


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