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March 25, 2016


Charleston should be a top-3-must-see on your list. I’m going to let the food and pictures do the talking, but I’ll share with you some of our favorite experiences and restaurants with you! We already shared these in a nutshell, along with our “destination pictures” we had taken of us, in this blog here. 

We had some incredible recommendations for eating places while we stayed in Charleston, so I’ll extend the favor and share them with you: 82 Queen, Pooch’s Porch, Toast of Charleston (my favorite brunch ever!!), Saffron Cafe and Bakery, Husk, Jim N Nick’s BBQ, the Kitchen, Sullivan’s Restaurant, and I could be forgetting one…

The experiences you’ll see and read below: Fleet Landings, bench swings, the market, the shops downtown, Hilton Head, SC, Savannah, Georgia, the Old Sheldon Church ruins, bicycling through downtown, Middleton Place and the Angle Oak tree. Not to mention we had our pictures taken by Rachel Red Photography while we were there, and I personally, thought that was a blast

Fleet Landing 

Our trip started with us running on close to no sleep at all, so when we landed we had an excellent recommendation to try out Fleet Landing. Do it. Just do it. We literally found ourselves at this restaurant probably 4 times during our 5 day stay in Charleston, whether it was for a beer, a meal or just to watch the Carnival Ecstasy depart. Shrimp n grits y’all. That’s where it’s at. 

Right next to this restaurant was a big dock that had benches and bench swings, which we enjoyed resting on, watching the ocean. You know, kind of out of a book and all. 😉 

It’s a must! 

College of Charleston & the Market

We loved strolling around the historic Charleston district. The College of Charleston was incredibly beautiful; the carriage rides were so fun to see, and I wish we could’ve gone on one to catch a little more history! But you know, Jordan reads wikipedia and all the historic markers, so that’s the next best thing. 

The Market was incredible in the historic district. Vendors come and set up every day to sell you their unique and incredible goods. We loved strolling through and looking at all they had!

Hilton Head, South Carolina 

We got our little “beach fix” in while we were there and enjoyed a yummy brunch in Hilton Head while we were headed to Savannah Georgia. Hilton Head was only 2 hours from Charleston, and we’ve found that we love little road trips in different parts of the country, because it’s fun to see the different terrain. 

Savannah, Georgia

And from Hilton Head to Savannah was only 45 minutes, so once we got there, we enjoyed strolling in their downtown to witness their incredible history and unique buildings! It’s supposed to be the most romantic city in the US, and while I might beg to differ, it sure was beautiful! We explored where our feet took us down the streets, and called it good!  

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

On our way back from Savannah that day, my spontaneous muscle was cramping terribly. We had tried to go see the Ford Plantation, but that ended up being a fail, so we were kind of in a “womp womp” phase as we were driving back into Charleston. Well, a little ways outside the city, we stopped at a market that advertised peach cider. We explored and bough some delicious treats there and asked the lady behind the counter if there was anything beautiful, neat or historical nearby that we could check out. She said, “as a matter of fact, just down the road is this old church’s ruins, and it’s a popular spot”. 

Nailed it! We found these church ruins right about sunset, and it was truly incredible–the location, the remains, the history–all of it was seriously incredible. 

Hitting the Shops 

While our day packed of traveling was fun, we spent our next full day hitting up the shops again and finishing our day out at Middleton Place. I loved that all of the incredible restaurants and shops were once old, historic buildings in the historic district. What was mind-blowing was that it wasn’t just one downtown strip, but several streets after another than ran parallel and perpendicular to one another, and they were all clean, quant and cute. 

We rode our bicycles into town to have breakfast, shop and then witness the Carnival Ecstasy preparing for it’s depart later that afternoon. Our bicycles took us home while we enjoyed mansions on our right side and ocean on our left. The breeze was on point, the weather just right and I probably could’ve enjoyed that ride for hours more. Next, we hit the road for a tour of the Middleton Place. We just so happened to make it back from Middleton Place to watch the ship set sail while enjoying another grapefruit Shandy beer at Fleet Landing (yes, another encounter with this restaurant!). This was incredible and relaxing to watch at sunset. 

Middleton Place 

You guys, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. Jordan and I probably walked these ground for nearly 3 hours just taking in the views (okay, that was me) and reading/learning the history (okay, that was Jordan).

And ick. He definitely got super close to those gators for the picture below. 

Angel Oak Tree

This tree. We had tried to witness its beauty the first day we were there, but it was closed after 5:00. So we took these pictures instead and…

…came back another day!! Obviously, this tree is incredible old, gorgeous and breathtaking. So we took it all in and photographed it. 

And there you have it. Charleston was incredible, and I know we didn’t even do or see all that it had for offer. When can we go back!? 


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