Ellis | Newborn Session

July 5, 2016

I’m going to be completely honest. 

Newborn sessions scare me. Or at least they used to. 

I mean…I’ve had some gnarly experiences photographing newborns, but I feel like they could’ve been avoided. Firstly, I’ve learned there are two kinds of newborn photography: a lifestyle approach and a more posed approach. I am more comfortable with the lifestyle approach that you’ll see with Ellis and per parents–where mom and dad are the ones holding and posing her. I mean, it makes sense, right?! The babies will be more comfortable and happy with mom and dad’s touch! I was shocked when I left Ellis’ session and realized 1. she never cried and 2. I never actually touched her. 

Not to say that me touching babies results in crying. Not at all! 🙂 But the whole session just went so smoothly–which made me open my eyes to newborn photography a little wider. So another thing I’ve learned is to prepare mom and dad with tips beforehand to help keep the baby content. Tips like keeping the house warm, quiet and comfortable; making sure the baby is sleepy and even planning the newborn session when they’re between 3 and 15 days old so that all of the above is much easier for everyone! 

All these tips truly prove to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. With that being said, I adore newborn sessions now. 

I adore them, because the moments captured are truly precious.

Because it’s incredible to witness the love mom and dad have as they gaze into their baby’s eyes or kiss their cheeks. 

Because I am able to put myself in their shoes now and get excited for our first week with our baby. 

It’s just truly special! So with that being said, I hope you feel and enjoy Ellis newborn session. Her parents are madly in love with her and witnessing this was incredible to me! I’m 100% confident that they are the sweetest family ever. They made me feel so welcome in their home!


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