Cedar Creek Lake Proposal | Hayden & Jenna

September 24, 2016

I have no words. 

Okay, maybe you’ll see I have a few!

But truly, where do I start?! I love these two so much. I’ve gotten to watch their love and relationship blossom and become so solid, genuine, impacting and fun. We can remember our first memory of Jenna 5 years ago when we didn’t know these two had a “thing”. That was until we saw them flirting on a hidden camera while they were in the maze at Jump Street. Ha! The best. We have some sweet, sweet memories with these two, and we can’t wait to make more!

Hayden is Jordan’s brother, and Jenna has never known a stranger, so I’ve felt as though she’s already been my sister for years. The two of them met in high school and dated throughout their Aggie years at A&M. Whoop! 

They recently just moved back to Dallas where they’re pursuing new jobs and settling into their new lives. We are so happy to have them back. And we were so happy to be part of Hayden’s meticulous proposal planning! 

How He Asked

From changing names in his phone, deleting text messages and sharing his iPhone location with some (so creepy, no!?), Hayden was sure to cover his tracks and make sure Jenna wouldn’t find out about his planning. He told her that they were going to a fundraising banquet Friday night so that Jenna could wear something nicer than your typical “lake clothes”. So they pulled up at Jenna’s lake house to pick up her family, and this is where the lies stopped. Hayden handed Jenna a handwritten note and walked to the end of 5 special wine barrels where he waited for her (with the biggest smile we have EVER seen Hayden display).

He had resting BEAMING face. Both of them. All night. 

Okay, I’m tearing up again. 

Jenna got out of the car and proceeded to read handwritten letters with pictures from each of their 5 years dating on the barrels. After the 5th barrel, she walked into his arms where Hayden greeted her with the biggest hug, took her hand and led her in front of a cross, a bible with “Jenna Leigh Davenport” on it and a ring to promise forever (and I mean a BEAUTIFUL ring!!). He read verses to her, shared his heart with her and GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE!!! 

Cue confetti (and tears!)!!! 

They hugged for I don’t know how many years, and family walked down to join and celebrate with them (surprise number 2). Little did Jenna know that shortly thereafter surprise number 3 would arrive in the form of all of their friends. Everyone celebrated Hayden and Jenna the remainder of the night over some Mexican food, proposal cookies, champagne and margaritas and it couldn’t have been more perfect. 

My heart is just overflowing with love and excitement for these two beautiful people. Goodness, let the fun BEGIN!!! 


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