Lakewood Country Club & University Park UMC Fall Wedding | Brian & Nina

September 29, 2016

Let me just say that my photographer heart melts a little when stars align like they did for Brian and Nina’s wedding. 

Let me explain what I mean by that…! 🙂

I’m going to use the cheesy phrase “stars align”, because my mom even quoted it that way when I was explaining the Ishmael wedding to her over the phone. From how it sounded to her, everything just seemed to fit together, the vendors were incredible to work with, the wedding party and family couldn’t have been more sweet and fun and the details. Oh, the lovely details! 

I LOVE pops of color! I’m not sure if I sound like a broken record by saying that again, but HELLO FALL! The bridesmaid’s bouquets popped stunningly from their gold sequin dresses, which made for such lovely portraits. Nina’s florals had such a beautiful classic pop of crimson incorporated that made you feel warm and most certainly invited to the celebration that was their wedding. 

Not only was this pop of color totally doing it for me, but Nina’s stunning wedding gown, her hair, dazzling hair-piece, lace-up wedding shoes and pearls–perfection. Their wedding day was filled with beautiful things, but this wasn’t all. To add to the beauty, Brian and Nina’s wedding day was filled with the inward beauty, as well–something much deeper than pretty colors and details. The love and commitment they both share and promised each other in front of many was also evident. 

Evident by seeing them together and evident in Brian’s best man’s speech. I always love toasts, because it’s at this time that I feel like I truly get to know my couple’s history and love on a sweeter, deeper level. His best man went on to explain how Brian has always been ferociously committed to whatever he sets his mind to. He compared Brian’s commitment and determination to sports through stories he shared of his excelling and succeeding, and he ended it by saying that he knew Brian is and would be the same with his marriage to Nina. 

Ferociously committed. 

Marriage is definitely worth striving for and definitely calls for that determination at times, as well. Thankfully, I know that Brian’s character and Nina’s soft, kindheartedness will be such assets to bring into their marriage, and I’m thrilled for them to embark on this adventure with those at hand! This beautiful couple had me grinning ear-to-ear. What a night of celebration! Hugs to the newlyweds!! 


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