White Rock Engagement Session | Riley & Brooke

November 25, 2016

Oh, the lovely. 

We weren’t quite sure what the day was going to hold for Riley and Brooke’s engagement session, because rain was predicted. After both being on the same page with hoping to stick it out, the chances of rain decreased as the day went on. We were in luck! It was on! 

We decided to move the session up a bit earlier to try to beat the higher chances of rain later in the evening, and to our surprise, rain began to trickle down softly literally just minutes before they arrived to meet me at the dock. It was soft enough to give us hope that it would soon pass. 

And as you can guess, it all worked out for us, because you’ve probably already seen glimpses of Brooke’s gorgeous smile as Riley is wrapping her up tightly! 

We waited out the rain about 10 minutes or so, and ran out to enjoy the docks all to ourselves! It was a little wet, but the weather was as cool as can be, and basically, these two just rocked it.

Right from the get go. This little set back couldn’t have swayed them. The only sways were the waves in the lake, and they added to the lovely of their engagement session! Because truly, Brooke’s smile is so LOVELY! It’s all I can see in my mind when I think of their engagement session: bright, beaming smile of joy and the wind catching her hair ever-so-perfectly to add such a beautiful pop to the picture. 

We moved on to our second location, and I began commenting on how lovely the light was becoming with the clouds letting up a bit. Little did I know, this Texas weather would pull a NEW MEXICO on me and start pouring out of NOWHERE! That’s like NM, people! We literally looked up and could see skies parting as we ran to our car for cover! Thankfully, just like NM rain, it passed within 3 minutes, and we were back out, smiling, laughing and finishing up what was a stellar engagement session! 

These Texas lovebirds were a blast to work with, and I can’t wait for them to say “hello” to marriage and “goodbye” to long distance come June! Hugs to you both!! 


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