Hidden Pines Chapel Romantic Wedding | Jarred & Leah

September 28, 2017

You had me at the colors. 

You had me at Leah’s giddiness, excitement and pure joy. All day long. When I picture Leah in my mind on her wedding day (and see pictures below), I remember feeling the joy she radiated. From the moment she put her absolutely STUNNING wedding dress on, there was absolutely no absence of that joy. None whatsoever. Pure excitement which set the tone for the entire rest of her wedding day, and what a blessing that was for her and Jarred! 

Can we please go back?! 

Okay, well, the best I can do for you today is let you relive their beautifully, romantic wedding day through pictures, and I hope I can do their stunning day justice! 

What an incredible vision, what an incredible message and what an incredible PARTY! Jarred and Leah tied the knot at Hidden Pines Chapel on a lovely Saturday in September that allowed us to capture precious moments.

Moments like the first time Jarred saw Leah before the ceremony and was able to wrap her up in his arms. Spin her around as he took in what was the LOVELY that was her dress. Kiss her. 

Moments like the first time Leah’s father saw her coming down the stairs to him in her wedding dress. His expression! The love and pride he has for his daughter was so evident. 

Moments like Jarred and Leah sitting next to one another as they exchange wedding gifts. Jarred, opening a new watch and Leah opening a drawing that Jarred had been working on for months. 

Moments like the way Jarred spun Leah during their first dance, making everyone’s heart melt.

This day truly allowed for so many precious memories to be made, and I feel so lucky I was able to witness and be a special piece of it. Leah and Jarred made my heart so happy seeing the way they loved one another, and I’m just so thankful they have this Saturday in September to remember as their perfect wedding day! 


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