Downtown McKinney Engagement Session | Katie & James

February 25, 2018

Oh it’s amazing how people cross paths. 

I mean this by how Katie and James met and how Katie and I met! 

I actually met Katie years ago in high school on a mission trip we both went on one summer. She, her mom and sister were their with their Texas church and me from my New Mexico church. At the time, I had no idea that I would ever live in Dallas or as close to her as I do. That fun thing called Facebook allowed us to follow each other ever since then, and when James proposed to Katie, she had an idea as to who she wanted to call–a connection from years ago on a mission trip! Small world, right?!

Well, the better “meet-cute” (you’ve seen The Holiday, right? 😉 ) was how James and Katie met! They actually were and still are teachers together in Sherman, and they couldn’t quite help but notice one another at the school they spent much time at. Katie may or may not have been the one to introduce herself first, and I’m pretty sure it was clear that James was very happy about this. And when I say “clear”, I mean, it didn’t take but a few months for their initial introduction to turn into something much deeper–something that looks like a beautiful engagement! 

When I talked to Katie over Skype and learned more about their love story, I just knew they were a special couple to work with. The way she literally glowed over Skype (no, it wasn’t just my screen settings!) and had the sweetest words to use when talking about him, showed me how sweet their relationship is. They are absolutely head over heels for one another. 

And during their session, I saw just that. I photographed just that! 

They were the best during a rather chilly session, and they made it extra fun for me! I can hardly wait for their wedding this May!! Katie is a bride who’s as beautiful on the inside as she is outside, and I know that James had to see this from the moment she introduced herself to him!


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