Romantic Belo Mansion Wedding | Courtney & Luke

February 14, 2018

I don’t really know how to begin this blog post except to say that I think it’s fitting such a romantic and intimate wedding would be featured on Valentines Day, because….

Luke and Courtney’s wedding day was this and more. 

Intimate, full of so much fun, classy and just overwhelming with love. 

I came home on cloud 9 and couldn’t shake the excitement. I loved everything about the Shelton’s February 10th wedding day–the couple, the families, the beautiful details, the vendor team and even our (chilling) overcast weather. Well, okay, I wouldn’t have hated few additional degrees of warmth ;-). 

I met Courtney a couple years ago when I moved to Dallas and worked in Richardson at Prairie Creek with her. I thought she was the sweetest, prettiest, most caring teacher–each and every one of her kiddos were cared for and more. And it makes me think that Luke just has to be one lucky guy–I doubt he falls far behind on the list, judging on the way she loved those kiddos, don’t ya think?! 🙂 I can remember talking to her about her boyfriend in New Orleans who she just knew she would marry one day. Hearing the way she talked about him and seeing the way she couldn’t smile any bigger when she walked near him on their wedding day–it was priceless. 

They’re so perfect together. And such a striking pair! 

I loved connecting the two pieces together and felt special knowing a bit of their history prior their engagement. What lucky people they are–lucky families, in fact! And I felt a part of both on their wedding day, celebrating and feeling all the feels right beside them! 

Courtney has such a fun and loving personality, and goodness gracious, you can’t top how stunning she is! Add a gorgeous wedding gown, lovely bouquet of flowers and a happy groom, and you’ve got a recipe for a jaw-dropping occasion. 

And that is what it was. 

The Belo Mansion was such a romantic and beautiful venue to become husband and wife. Their reception was something out of a fairytale. As you walked near the entrance, you were greeted with faint colors of pink, soft whites in romantic florals and lighting. Once you entered, you were sure to celebrate until you simply couldn’t anymore more! Thanks to the Ice House Band this was an easy thing to do!

What a dream–everything–such a dream! I’m so happy for this sweet friend of mine, and I couldn’t be happier that she and Luke are now the Sheltons!! Love you guys!! 


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