Chapel at Ana Villa Fall Wedding | Justin + Megan

December 5, 2018

This is going to be fun. This is going to be REALLY fun to talk about, because everything about Justin and Megan’s wedding day was just BEYOND.

So beyond fun.

So beyond smooth/easy.

So beyond beautiful.

So beyond joy and love-filled.

From the moment I arrived and started photographing the details while the girls were getting ready, there was a positive, joyful tone that was set. This tone somehow actually gone even more so obvious as the day progressed, and it just laid such a beautiful foundation for the day. Allllll of the bridesmaids, family and house party was as sweet as pie and as beautiful as can be—I know they allowed Megan to feel so special and lovely on her wedding day!

As they got ready, as we took pictures and as the dancing commenced, these ladies absolutely help set the tone for the day, and it was nothing short of a stunning celebration!

To name a favorite moment from their wedding day would be all too difficult—SO I’m going to share my top 3 🙂 And they all came back-to-back—can you imagine how #allthefeels were for me at this time?!

Firstly, I think not only the number of bridesmaids speaks volumes of Megan but the types of friendships she has with these girls means everything—so deep, loved and valued. When Megan walked outside to reveal her jaw-dropping dress to her best friends, their reactions were PRICELESS! So much joy and excitement was obvious that it just filled my heart to the brim! They loved on her while she finished putting on her wedding jewelry that both her father and groom would soon see her in.

Secondly, Megan walked up to her soon-to-be husband, and their “first look” just GOT ME. I mean, with all the sweetness leading up to—I could barely handle it! It’s so important to be that my couples truly try to not imagine that we’re there (even though, hello—we are), and I really felt like they believed it was just the two of them on that patio. Just the two of them hugging, just the two of them praying together, just the two of them savoring this time for all that they could—no rush, just ease, joy and so much love.

Oh how Justin looked at Megan the ENTIRE day, and OH how Megan seemed to just melt so perfectly into his loving arms.

And lastly—I’m going to combine two moments here, and you’re going to let me! 😉 Those two moments being: Megan’s first dance with her father and Justin’s first dance with his mother—AH! Megan and her daddy’s first dance with such a fun, sweet choreographed number that left everybody smiling! You can absolutely tell that their connection is a strong one, and he was so proud of his daughter! And for some reason, I just couldn’t hold my tears back when Justin and his mother danced together, because anyone could tell that their bond was as tight as any mother would hope to be with her son. Having a son myself—this moment just totally tugged at my heart strings in the sweetest of ways.

With all the sweet relationships, all the joy, all the love and most definitely all the EXCITEMENT come reception time, I photographed Megan and Justin’s exit and thought, “what a perfect day”. I know they had to be thinking the same thing!

There was just something about these two that made me whole-heartedly team Martinez, and I couldn’t be more grateful for Justin’s current active service and witnessing the upmost support from his new wife—what a sweet legacy in the making to witness!


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