Luke is TWO | Birthday party fun, family & 2-year photos

December 14, 2018

Lucas Brent how are you TWO today?!

We celebrated his birthday last weekend with family and close neighborhood friends, and because it was so much fun to Luke, it was a BLAST for mommy and daddy! My parents came into town, and Jordans siblings and parents were here, so it made for Luke feeling so loved and excited.

He surprised us and LOVED having a room full of people looking at him while singing Happy Birthday.

He had a BALL opening presents (and playing with them afterward).

He is caught several different times (on camera—just see) digging into either brownie or his football cake—which he was so proud of!

And the balloons were probably the biggest hit of ALL. 🙂

He totally filled the role of a 2-year old during his 1-hour long photo session and gave us all his joy and smiles in the first 10-15 minutes—typical! So you’ll see some cute candid photos of him expressing how he really feels about pictures below—haha! Popo (his lovey), paci, and a snack may be present in some photos—minus some shoes at the end! But I mean—he’s two! 😉

I’m in love with what we captured of his personality—he’s silly, so loving, joyful, adventurous, serious at times, goofy, into football, in love with all his grandparents and totally 2.

One of the most fun things right now is hearing just in the past week how is talking is progressing—he went from saying “i-keem” (ice cream) to “mommy, I want ice keem”—like OKAY, BUDDY! Let’s reward that! 🙂 And he gets excited trying to copy what mommy and daddy say, and it always sounds SO CUTE. He currently calls himself “Newt” for “Luke”, and it’s the cutest thing I could ever imagine for him misarticulating his name :):):)

Luke, you could never understand right now how much joy you give your mommy and daddy—the Lord has most definitely blessed us with your spirit!

Thanks for already sharing your time with your baby SISTER Lukey! We announced the gender during his birthday party, and it was such a sweet, fun time for us! I can’t wait for Luke to be a big brother to a little sister.

And this kid loves his SWEETS. Just like his Grandpa Donald 🙂


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