The Lumen Room Classic White Fall Bridal Session | Megan

January 23, 2019

Isn’t she LOVELY!?

Oh MEGAN! I am just absolutely in LOVE with her bridal session! White on white just screams BRIDAL to me, and the pop of vibrant colors in her bouquet and stunning detail on her dress were just the perfect combo!

Not only is this bride stunning, but my goodness, she couldn’t be any sweeter than she is. Like, this girl is a dream to be around and photograph. I think witnessing all of her bridesmaids and friends who LOVED ON HER throughout her wedding day was an absolute testament to that, as well!

The fun thing about this bridal session is that—it actually was not supposed to be at The Lumen Room. We had planned for it to be outdoors, but….it was one of the many, many days that it chose to rain in Dallas this past fall. It was such a rainy fall! Megan flew in from San Diego for her session, and we had limited time to make it happen, so our rain plan was: The Lumen Room.

And guys, it was a dream. The temperature inside was perfect; it wasn’t rainy; it was relaxed and quiet; we saved time by not moving around a large venue, and to top it off, her dress did NOT get dirty! To top it all off, like I mentioned before, it’s white, natural-lit space was the perfect location for a classic white bridal session, and I’m willing to bet there are more brides in the future who choose this as their plan A! Because…YES!!!

It’s perfect if: 1) you like this classic white-on-white style 2) it’s rainy outside 3) you simply don’t want to risk getting your dress dirty!

Megan totally rocked the situation beautifully. She easily could have been flustered and upset that what she envisioned in her mind was not happening. (I mean, I would maybe put myself in this category, just being honest!!) But she confidently and pleasantly stayed so calm in our rainy situation, and it made all of us—her mom, me and herself included—have such a fun time.

I left feeling SO energized by how beautiful and sweet this bride was!

I love her and her family so much, and seeing how sweet of a spirit this bride had made me EVEN MORE excited for her and Justin to get married soon after! Swooon!

  1. bailee says:

    These are beautiful! I love the Lumen room! Which lens did you use to shoot these in the semi tight space?

    • Lindsay Davenport says:

      Girl, thank you!! I’m pretty sure I shot with my 50 most of the time, if not 100% of the time! I *might* have pulled my 35 out for a little, but mostly the 50! 🙂


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