The Bundle Co. FLASH SALE is LIVE! Any photographer’s DREAM!

February 3, 2019

You guys.

I know I’ve been sprinkling little teasers for you these past couple of weeks, but I am seriously just so giddy about what I have to offer you.

And I’m giddy, because I BELIEVE that it’s amazing.

(although, it literally seems like it’s too good to be true, but it’s NOT!!)

The Capture Course has partnered with not 1, not 2, not 3 but TWENTY-ONE other photographers and their amazing courses/e-books/presets to offer you the most well-rounded photography bundle you’ll see out there.

Drum roll please….

The Bundle Co. is a bundle of 22 different courses from talented photographers all over the US (Like, Justin & Mary, Abby Grace, Light & Airy Presets, Nancy Ray, it goes oooon!!), and we’ve come together to offer all of our courses at an insanely discounted price.

Like, if you purchased all of these separately, you’d pay over $2,500, but together, until February 12, we’re offering it for $98.50 through this link!

Reread that.

And it literally has something for everyone: the mom, the amateur, the experienced photographer. EVERYONE. Including myself.

The bundle line-up starts strategically with The Capture Course, leads into niche areas of speciality (like: Food Photography, Travel Photography, Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography, Newborn Photography, Styling Photos, etc., (even a Go-Pro Shooting Course!) and then rounds out with business courses (like: Booking Clients with a Small Portfolio, How to Build a Successful Photography Business and How to do In-Person Sales). It even includes Light & Airy presets (I’m super pumped about these) and Nancy Ray’s Digital + Film Course.

Personally, I’m literally the most excited about:

(YES, I own the bundle and have LOVED journeying my way through it already). 

Nancy Ray’s: Foundations in Film Photography

Tenth & Grace’s: The Hybrid (Digital + Film) Photography Guide

The Light & Airy Presets and

Flat Lay Intro Course by Rebecca Yale

I know–you’re probably still like, what’s the catch?

And there’s literally NOTHING except for: it’s up to YOU to invest your time after you invest in this bundle.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them my way. In the meantime..

Q: What if I already bought The Capture Course?

A: Then you you would STILL benefit SO much from the bundle. In fact, you’ll be prepared with the knowledge of HOW to use your camera so that you can dive into Abby Grace’s Practical Engagement Session Course or Julie Paisley’s Wedding Course–wait WHAT!

Q: What if I don’t want or need all of the courses within the bundle?

A: To be honest, there HAS to be at least a hand full of courses or content within the bundle that will benefit you. And if you purchased them all separately, you’d be paying more than $98.50. It’s a pretty dang good deal for whatever your niche/need is.

Q: When does the sale end?

A: At midnight EST on February 12th. Don’t miss it! You won’t see this offer again!

Q: What if I’m a mom and don’t want to go “pro”?

A: STILL PERFECT FOR YOU. There are courses on how to use your iPhone to photograph your kids, shoot with a Go-Pro, travel photography, etc.

Q: How long will I have to watch the courses after I download?

A: You’ll have access to the courses for up to one year after you purchase the bundle. SO, my advice to you is: to download ALL 22 of the courses as soon as you buy–watch as you please. That way you’ll have all the downloads for well after a year. You just have to download the original files within that year.


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