4 Online Photography Courses Every Mom Needs

February 6, 2019

Insert: college senior Lindsay.

Insert college senior Lindsay who REALLY wanted to learn how to use her camera.

*Take note: “college senior”.

Easily translated to: low on cash. 😉

When I got the photography bug and decided I NEEDED (like HAD TO) learn how to use my camera, because I LOVED it so much, I spent hours and hours learning from blogs online and YouTube. Online courses weren’t nearly as popular or available as they are now. I mean, not courses from some of the top educators or photographers in the industry like Tenth & Grace, Just & Mary, Nancy Ray or Abby Grace–for that matter.

I know you’ve probably heard me shouting news about a photography bundle to the rooftops, and you’re like–“nope, too good to be true.”

WAIT. Like, it IS true! I would’ve saved SO MUCH TIME had I had this opportunity YEARS ago!

If you are the shoes I was in several years back (or maybe even better shoes–like, you’ve graduated and have more income), then THIS online education is basically a once in a lifetime opportunity.


If you were to purchase ALL of these courses individually, you’d be investing nearly $3,800 for them ALL. BUT this week ONLY you can get them all for only $98.50.

I know, and it’s at this point, you tap out and are like–too good to be true.

But to be honest, it’s just too good to not pass up.

Too good to not pass up if you’ve wanted to learn photography.

Too good to not pass up if you’re a mom.

Too good to not pass up if you’re an aspiring photographer.

Too good to not pass up if you’re a professional and simply want to brush up on your skills.

With the variety of 21 courses offered, it’s literally for ANYBODY.  

If you HAVE already purchased The Capture Course, it can definitely STILL be for you. You have 20 other courses to choose from in the bundle to take your baseline knowledge (knowing how to use your camera) and apply it to: travel photography, newborn photography or other specific niches–even how to run a business.

And if you’ve been on the fence about taking The Capture Course, well NOW is your time! You’ll get it (+20 other courses for only $98.50), and The Capture Course alone is regularly $149.

The only catch here is that this offer is available NOW and you will NEVER see it again.

Even if you’re intersted in a handful of courses (say, you want to learn travel + food photography, those 2 courses combined are already $494), paying $98.50 instead of $494 is DEFINITELY a deal and a bundle of value! Use this link to purchase and read more!


Or if you’re a mom, I’d definitely recommend:

The Capture Course ($149 value)

iPhone Photography ($49 value)

Phone-worthy Photos ($69)

Composition 101 ($229)

You’re still saving $398 by purchasing the bundle at $98.50 than spending $496. 😉

Or if you’ve wanted to dabble in a side business, don’t miss:

Composition 101 ($229)

How to Book Clients (regularly $49)

Business 101 (regularly $229)

In Person Sales (regularly $237)

A ($744 – $98.50) = $645.50 SAVINGS

Lastly, anybody who’s wanting to jump into wedding photography, THIS is your opportunity!

All About Bad Lighting ($49)

A Practical Engagement ($97)

The Real Wedding Day ($229)

Flat Lay Introduction ($99)

How to Book Clients ($49)

Shooting for Publication ($145)

A ($668 – $98.50) = $569.50 SAVINGS

Pssst. I’ll just leave this little nugget above right here. 😉

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Offer ends Tuesday, February 12th, and it will never come back!



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