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June 3, 2019



A few months ago, I shared about an incredible photography bundle packed full of online courses from some of the best educators out there at an insanely discounted price (like over $3k in value–all for only $98.50).

If you jumped on that opportunity while it lasted THAT WEEK ONLY, then you know how INCREDIBLE it was.

And nope. It wasn’t a joke. Or a scam.

Totally real, fair fame and amazing.

Okay, so are you listening??

THIS WEEK ONLY you can get $5,473.99 worth of online education (31 courses by some pretty stellar educators) for only $98.50. 

Already interested? Grab the Entrepreneur Bundle here. 

If you’re a business owner–hey, photographers, calligraphers, artists, influencers, florists, HAMU artists, Rodan and Fields/Essential Oils/Beauty Counter/etc.-consultants–this bundle of over 30 online courses is FOR YOU!

It’s absolutely FOR YOU.

Will ALL of the courses apply to you in your business? Probably not. Maybe? And that’d be cool.

But here’s the thing: even if only 1 or 2 of the courses sound helpful to you in your business, chances are IT’S WORTH SPENDING $98.50 to have access to THEM and the remaining other courses, because you never know!

The bundle covers everything from copywriting, branding, marketing, social media to podcasting, finance, design and so much more.

So if you’re new to running your business, you might enjoy courses like the following: 

Business Essentials (regularly $99)

Squarespace Startup  (regularly $159)

WordPress Savvy (regularly $107)

SEO Basics (regularly $49)

If you’re looking to boost your social media presence, you might enjoy courses like the following: 

Hashtag Camp (regularly $40)

Beat the Algorithm (regularly $160)

Instagram Strategy for Business (regularly $179)

Pindepth Advanced (regularly $239)

Facebook Ads Masterclass (regularly $97)

Become a Blog Boss (regularly $497)

And believe it or not, this is just a snapshot of what the bundle has to offer. If you’re looking to invest in your business, this is a beautiful option. And blessing. It’s honestly quite a blessing.

You may not have time to get to every course immediately, but download them within a year of purchase, and you will have them for lifetime. If you’re on summer break, then holla–perfect timing for you to get to dive right in.

For me, I’m excited to dive into some of the social media refining and productivity courses during my maternity leave.

So if you’re on the fence, feel free to scroll through the courses HERE.

If you’re a HARD YES, then enjoy the bundle here!

The sale ends Tuesday, June 11th at midnight.

Cheering you on as you crush it!



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